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MenStylePower to launch Young Men of Manners Program

Louise Edmonds Boxing

THE GLOVES are off for the granddaughter of Australian boxing great Tommy Burns as she steps into the ring to fight for the dignity of young men through a high schools’ program with the intent to “inform to transform” to be launched Q4 2020.

Sydney men’s fashion columnist and television producer, Louise Edmonds, regularly witnesses the struggles young men are facing in today’s topsy-turvy world through her online business, MenStylePower, which has a following of more than 250,000 online and over 100K collectively on social media.

Through MenStylePower, Louise not only presents the latest style trends for her audience from around the world, but also lifestyle tips covering etiquette, respect and gentlemanship.

“Clothes don’t necessarily maketh the man,” she says, stealing a Shakespeare line.

burberry man

Seemingly through her Grandfather’s fighting spirit, Louise is doing much the same with her passionate and compassionate focus on young men in need of direction to succeed in life — in self-esteem, social codes, style and relationships.

“For 10 years now, MenStylePower has been one of the only Australian men’s lifestyle platforms published by a woman,” said the hard-working mother of one.”I noticed an urgent need to provide the sons of this great Nation with a vehicle for change aesthetically and purposefully”.

Louise Edmonds boxing 2

Edmonds who has a twin brother saw the challenges he faced growing up in a broken family, and also noticed the fatherless society among her clients and readers. “Boys cannot be, what they cannot see; and lacking a good male role model can severely impact their outlook on life as they reach manhood. It’s common to see men turning to drugs and alcohol in the false belief that this will solve their misery. And with the high-rate of suicide among young men in Australia, we are certainly in need of a solution”.

Edmonds states, “The preventative program will consist of placing value on young teenagers and teaching them self-awareness, purpose, identity and deportment within a social and emotional intelligence framework. Its aim is to ‘inform to transform’ teenagers around who they are, and also shine a light on the addictive lure of industries such as social media, marketing, pornography and so forth. My aim is to have them focusing on their unique skill set and talents infused with courage and determination” she said.


Edmonds is a female voice for the empowerment of men. She’s not unfamiliar with misfortunes either, being a survivor of child sex abuse, assault and domestic violence, Louise is well apt to speak on the current #metoo movement and not ostracize the discussion from good men.

“The future is male and female, and we need each other, healthy and whole. Through my work I’ve had the privilege of speaking in depth to gentlemen who want to support and protect women but are afraid of the backlash”.

Michelle Payne is the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, but she isn’t the only one succeeding on her gender’s behalf in male dominated fields.

Louise Edmonds Boxing silver headshot

About Louise

Edmonds experienced success early on with MenStylePower by writing for top-ranked US-based designer fashion companies such as Nauticaand Barneys New Yorkand presenting on Australian TV shows including Ten’s Good Morning Australia. Along the way, she became one of Australia’s pioneering bloggers with her handsome online publication and an in-demand men’s fashion writer.

Tommy Burns

About Tommy Burns

Her late grandfather Tommy Burns (born Geoffrey Murphy in 1922 in Mullumbimby, NSW) was welterweight champion in the 1940s. After his fight career he became a movie star, newspaper columnist, and nightclub singer and established a boxing gym in Sydney teaching disadvantaged boys in pugilistic skills and good manners, for Burns prided himself on that aspect of life.

His record was impressive with 77 fights and 43 by knock out, over an 18 year period.

At 17, Burns had been unbeaten in 18 straight fights and the stadiums wanted to cash in on the handsome knockout puncher by putting him into the main events.

He began a successful list of victories in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne over tough opponents. Tommy Burns won the welterweight title by beating Hockey Bennell.

His Bout with the American, O’Neill Bell has often been referred to as the greatest fight scene in Australia.

A KO over Eddie Marcus made Tommy Burns a contender for the world championship held by Sugar Ray Robinson. Tommy Burns is a member of the Australian boxing Hall of Fame.


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