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The Confidence to Look Good

Clothes make the man. Right?

We say it over and over throughout our pages. If you don’t believe me, take a close look at the women who stare you up and down when you walk through the street. A-huh, they are checking you out. But not necessarily in a sexual way, more so in an approval way.

Questions run though her primal, emotional and logical brain.

1. Is his frame in proportion? (attraction barometer)

2. Does his energy make me feel comfortable? (self-protection barometer)

3. How concerned is he about the detail of his grooming, attire, scent, shoes, watch? (His care is my care, barometer)

4. On a primal level – other stuff is going on in her mind – this includes; is he strong enough to protect my young!

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Women know that how you start with a man, is how you finish. So you better have your stylin’ down pat and have a way to uphold it, or you’re gunna lose the lady of your heart. Or if you get to third base, she’ll be styling you!

Your first impression is your external architectural style-map (because they haven’t had a moment to sit down and listen to your incredible take on world politics) so, this is what you’ll be judged on. Or think back to that pang of jealousy you felt the last time you were sitting in a pub with some mates, downing a Leffe Blond Belgium Beer (now that’s a nice one) and you saw an impeccably dressed guy walk into the pub and immediately command the attention of the room.

Your competitive self was scoffing sentences in your head like, ‘humph, so what he looks like Brad Pitt with his Armani suit on. It’s probably fake. Who cares, I don’t. I’ve got $1mill in the bank and I’m driving a Maserati. Twit, if he thinks he can walk in here as if he owns the place’. Ha – that’s style guys.


You want to be that guy, right! You want to command the attention of the room. You want to have every head turn to you when you walk through the door. Right?! So what do you do?

When you’re not sure what to ditch in your wardrobe, or what pieces to invest in for your new ‘look’, then we have the most classic and edgy tips for you. We know that women have been driving and dominating the fashion scene for decades, and now, more than ever (in this time of instant gratification), we need clarity and simplicity.

Don’t get dismayed with advertisements screaming ‘buy me, buy me’…we know you’re confused. So we went to work, late nights, sleepless nights to help you out. You don’t need to blow your savings budget to upgrade your wardrobe. Take it one step at a time. We know when you feel good about your appearance, you’ll naturally project confidence.

Read our pages, or email us if you need help in defining the new image of the most important person in the world, you.


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