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In 2023, Founder of Men of Manners, Louise Edmonds moderated a self-produced panel at the inaugural SXSW Sydney event. The title of this discussion was "Survivor Led Solutions that Heal Trauma'. As a survivor of CSA, DV and assault, Louise felt it necessary to represent victim survivors of all forms at this highly regarded International festival to discuss solutions to trauma.

The Panel showcased innovative projects developed by survivors across a broad breadth of creative disciplines. From music, to art, podcasts to preventative television concepts, and more. Four mighty panelists stand in solidarity alongside other survivor advocates who come in on video feed, to talk through the breakthroughs achieved to turn the tide on this horrendous crime against children.

Grace Tame, Louise Edmonds, Lula Dembele, Russell Manser, Harrison James, Del Kathryn Barton, Madeleine West, Mel Thomson, Sam White, David Leser, and Brittni de la More.

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