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The Best 5 Hero Movie Characters for Men

The themes: manhood, character, endurance, overcoming tragedy, heroism, pride, military tradition, hierarchy, bucking tradition, humanity …

The actors – DeNiro, Redford, Bale, Brando, Pacino, Nicholson, Damon, Arnold …

The directors – Scorcese, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Ford…

These are the greatest films ever made, and greatest stories ever told on camera and we’re hoping you gents get round to watching them.

Why do men love films? We believe it’s because a film expresses emotion, and reveals deep set beliefs that men have about their own calling and purpose here on earth. They also paint strong sometimes inspirational, other times antagonistic pictures of who man can be, when they’re at their best, and alternatively at their worst. The lead characters almost become friends, guides, and life companions that men look up to on their journey through life, helping them to discover, and rediscover again, the man inside.

We’ve broken the films into the 5 sections, to match the five major archetype of men that have traditionally served as examples for men. These powerful and aspirational prototypes typically define what it meant to be a man and these are the films we think best bring their separate characteristics to life.

The Hero:

He is superman, the champion, the conqueror and the saviour of children, damsels and entire kingdoms in distress. His heart is brave, his soul is steadfast and his mission is clear. The character of a hero seeks assertiveness, activity and energy. Although clear minded, strategic and alert he is also fallible, agonizing over his decision to act bravely and winning followers by overcoming his inner fear. He is the sacrificial lamb; his power used in total harmony and cooperation with the alliance he seeks to serve. It also helps if he has super powers, a kick ass mode of transport, weapons of mass destruction and sheer audacity.

Luke Skywalker: Luke Skywalker is a young farm boy who yearns to leave his simple life to contribute to the ongoing fight against the evil galactic empire. As Luke’s destiny unfolds the enormity of his role in determining the rebellions outcome becomes evident. Luke accepts this arduous path with a steadfast determination for good to triumph over evil. In the process Luke willingly risks his own safety to protect his friends and family. This is no more prominent when he gives himself up to the enemy in an attempt to save his father whom he believes still has good in him. It is this father’s love for his son that brings balance to the force and peace to the universe. Now ain’t that the truth.

Indiana Jones Indiana Jones is an unassuming university lecturing archeologist who has a lust for acquiring elusive antiquities, traveling to exotic locations and saving the world and from the clutches of evil. In the process he finds himself fighting for his life, cracking his whip, shooting his gun and using his sharp knowledge of the past to overcome overwhelming odds. His is the thinking man’s hero with the charming smile and the jacket and hat to complete the package.

Frodo Frodo Baggins is the champion for the underdog by proving that even the smallest person can change the course of history. In the face of impossible odds and a world foreign and terrifying to him, he steps forward to sacrifice his life to embark on an impossible and daunting quest, when those more capable around him shirk the responsibility. It is his purity of heart that enables him to resist the evil lure of the ring and place himself in harms way. It is this innocent willingness to do good that is the very core of every hero. He is a true ambassador of family, community and friendship.

Batman Born into a life of wealth and privilege, Bruce Wayne is forced at an early age to face the brutal, untimely loss of his parents and the suffocation of his childhood fears. In knowing that none of his wealth or prestige will ever be enough to bring back those that he loves, he turns inwards to source strength and courage to be an advocate for justice when the system fails. He uses his power and influence to create his alter ego, Batman, displaying his selflessness while maintaining his anonymity.

Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mocking Bird) Atticus Finch lives in a time and a place where colour determines a persons status in society. Externally Atticus represents the elite citizen of his time. He is an elegant, articulate lawyer who softly chooses words, yet these words demand attention and respect. In an effort to uphold justice, despite threats to his personal safety and standing in society Atticus chooses to champion the underdog that the justice system had forgotten. Atticus is the hero that sacrifices his reputation and safety to protect another’s.


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