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Alexander Skarsgård unapologetically masculine

It seems our beloved Calvin Klein has again received full marks by consumers with the latest edition of male (vampire) hunks being recruited into the fashion houses’ den.  The latest news is TV vampire Alexander Skarsgård is about to sink his teeth into an encounter with Calvin Klein.

First there was Kellan Lutz from the Cullen Clan of ‘Twilight’, who paraded around in his perfect skin in the Calvin Klein underwear ads, and now Alexander, one of the “True Blood” actors signed as the face of the brand’s new men’s fragrance, Encounter Calvin Klein.

Skarsgård will appear in advertising with Lara Stone, who is the face of the brand’s Euphoria women’s scent and the campaign is expected to hit department stores in the U.K. in late August.

It is the first time Skarsgård has done an endorsement and says, “The idea for their concept was very intriguing to me — it was almost like a short film, and very film noir. I wanted to be involved with something where you tell a story — even though it’s a short story.”

The men’s fragrance ‘Encounter Calvin Klein”, has top notes of mandarin, cardamom and rum; a heart of pepper, Egyptian jasmine, patchouli and cognac, and a drydown of agarwood, atlas cedarwood and musk. Freakin’ awesome! And you’ll be able to purchase the new fragrance in 3 sizes, plus an aftershave spray, deodorant, an all over body spray, and aftershave balm and hair and body wash.

You’ll see the glamourizing Vampire, Skarsgård in the new ad campaign from September that tells the story of unresolved tension and desire between a man and a woman. It’s meant to be open to interpretation. It also makes you a bit uncomfortable, which is a trademark of advertising this brand. MenStylePower thinks that Alexander Skarsgård perfectly reflects the Encounter attitude — modern, stylish and unapologetically masculine.

On another top note, apart from playing his role as Eric Northman in True Blood, Skarsgård did three movies last hiatus. While release dates have not been set, he said they would more than likely be out this fall. The combination of all three projects he did last year show his exceptional versatility, as the characters are all really different from Eric Northman, and from each other.

On his hiatus this summer, Skarsgård plans to do a Warner Bros. movie called “Hidden.”He will be heading up to shoot in Vancouver and the story is about a postapocalyptic family — a couple and their seven-year-old daughter — who are surviving in a bomb shelter. Skarsgård comments, “It’s almost like a little play, because most of it takes place in this very confined room with my character and Andrea Riseborough, who is a fantastic British actress who plays my wife in the movie. I did a lot of theater back in Sweden, but I haven’t been on stage in awhile — and I’m very excited to do something with Andrea, who is a dear friend of mine.”

The only downside? “That I have to spend my whole summer in a bomb shelter,” he said. “Creatively, I’m super excited about it. But I wish it took place outside in Hawaii or something.” We think he’s meant to keep his moon tan for the next installment of True Blood.

Skarsgard's personal styling

Personal Style:

We believe that Alexander’s personal style would appease most of you gents out there. Alex is definitely tall, (6’4″ or 193cm) and finding clothing to suit his height is a challenge, so he opts for jeans and t-shirts most of the time. Mainly a crew neck long or short sleeved t-shirt with heavy denims are his style. A singular piece of neck-ware is also part of his individual signature look. As Alex is also quite pale, he opts for darker toned colours to suit his skin. When your skin is of a darker shade, or if you have olive skin, this is best to match to bolder colours such as yellows and greens. When you’re a touch on the paler side, you don’t want to wear anything that has a yellow tone to it. It just washes you out. Alexander highlights the simple, ruffled casual side to his personal styling. Unpretentious and natural. We like it.

Denim, grey T, trench coat and a freakin' hot pair of sunnies

Ultra-casual in denims and grey T accessories with neckpiece and sunnies

Cheeky, relaxed sex appeal is his best accessory

Again, uber-casual but with his warm personality - wins anyone over

Wolf in sheep's clothing? Crisp whites? Definitely.


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