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Styling and Grooming Tips in the Era of Self-Care

We know that men are desperate to find a solution in the shaving world where they ‘save face’ from red dotted, irritated and angry skin.

Furthermore, they are looking to find a routine that is simple yet accommodates their stylish needs, to set them up for a win each and every morning.

Men’s grooming has come a long way from the humble and necessary shave to what it is now. And there is no shame gentlemen in developing a ritual, solely for you, that sets you up for the hours of work ahead.

Stylish Grooming requires attention to your skin, hair, shaving and fragrance. The trick isn’t to spend a fortune on trying hundreds of different products, but to develop a routine that suits your lifestyle and your personal brand expression.

Take Tom Ford for example; yep, I know you KNOW him. His daily routine which we have previously blogged about starts at 4:30am each morning, ritualistically taking a bath, reading the headlines, applying his skin care, grooming and hair essentials, a generous spray of one of his outstanding fragrances and getting dressed in his staple uniform, the black suit with a crisp open neck white dress shirt. He does this every day of the week, and it sets the tone for the day.


Each man to his own in this department depending on your hair texture, thickness and whether your mane is tame – you’ll be looking for either a pomade, wax or hair-spray. Yep I said it. Hair spray is brilliant in addition to your wax or pomade, if your hair is thick and wild.

Now beards have surpassed trend status to now being acceptable in all forms of work life. Offices, Business, corporations, creative agencies and in the marriage. What do we want you to consider for this stage? A brilliant electric shaver that can surpass expectations and imagination. One that charges for 2-hours and has a 14 day battery life, one that has an auto-cleaning and charging systems for easy maintenance. And one that can accommodate a gentle and close shave leaving no pain or redness. That shaver is the Panasonic Multi-Flex 5 Blade rechargeable shaver ES-LV97.


After your shave, there are two types of serums or moisturisers that you can choose. A serum will tighten your skin where a moisturiser will hydrate it. You can choose a science-based moisturiser like LAB Series which is excellent, or a natural based essential oil beauty from AESOP.


One area that is now being looked at quite closely in men’s grooming is eyebrows. Grooming these buddies is essential or else they ‘pull focus’ at your boardroom meeting. Yes, I have heard of people slowly raising a pointed finger to draw attention to a rogue eyebrow hair that has decided to attempt a downward curl, which places everyone in an awkward position. So, grab yourself an el’ cheapo eyebrow brush and spray some hairspray on it and get those stranglers in line!


Fragrance, oh this is my absolute favourite. In my Style Safari Sessions, I always take my style clients to a store that has ample types of elegant fragrances and we do an intense discussion about matching scent to my clients inner-style archetype. You see, there are so many parts of a gentleman’s style that he doesn’t recognise, so we walk through everything that he loves. From architecture to destinations, and colours to food – to find out the wonderful things he holds dear. After we take notes on his favourite things, little clues emerge, which point to the right fragrance that is designed for him. Once you find that special fragrance, layer it. Buy the soap, the body wash, the fragrance and a smaller one for your gym bag.

So, gents, there is your simple and bespoke morning style and grooming ritual…and oh, please don’t forget your sunscreen.


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