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Zegna: You’re NOT Wearing That Are You?


When you go to Italy, the very first word you should learn is Ermenegildo Zegna. Pronounce it like this, Er-Men-e-Gil-Do. Zen-ya. With an Italian mafia accent of course. Imagine you’re in a scene from The GodFather. Chest out. Curl the sides of your mouth down, pout. Now try it again. Bellissimo!

Founded in 1910, the company specialises in men’s clothing. Women hate this! They want their own Zegna collection because the tailoring, the craftsmanship and the detailing is exquisite. My uncle only buys Zegna. So I asked him why? “They fit, perfectly, and last over 10 years”. Ah-ha. He sees the value in buying Zegna because he gets his money’s worth. No wonder he lives in Point Piper.

Last year, Zegna traveled to Australia with a 200 + strong media group from all over the world, to cover their powerful connection with WoolMark. From the beginning Zegna invested in the best wool in the world, supporting local Australian farms and yards to create the superfine fabric you find in each and every suit.

And now, after their enormous runway supporting Pitti Uomo 2014, they’ve combined their powerful creative ability and launched their mini-film experience.

The first film is below.



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