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Zaharoff: Sophisticated Suiting

When it comes to men’s suiting many of us shy away from any or all decisions around the purchase apart from whether it needs to be a three piece, a two piece and needs a friendly price tag. But, if you appreciate your suit like you do a European sports car, then you would add a few more discerning questions into the equation. Like; fabrics (leather interior), colours (we all know red goes faster), proportion (sports body kit), movement (handling ability around corners), accessories (ABS brakes), versatility (speed) and then price (price).

You know MenStylePower have written quite a few articles on suiting, so tonight, we are pleased to add another, because you really can’t have too many tips of suits. Yet this article is a little bit special. And it’s because the designer is quite unique. We’ve only just discovered him, and we like him. We like what he stands for, and how he has perservered through thick and thin to build his dream of fine tailoring, and making men look down right sophisticated and sexy. MenStylePower like to bring to you an array of commentary on all things style, and the ones we like best are the most authentic and passionate. That’s why we’re having a  good ol’ yarn about Zaharoff.

Who? You say… Yep, George Zaharoff. Now you may be thinking ah, some bright spark who just wants to be seen as a ‘designer’ said in a LA tone of voice. But no. Folks we’re talking about a gent that was born under the tailoring cutting table. Who had a mother as a fashion designer and a very savvy business head father, and whose passion has been distinguished tailoring since well, he could walk through Amsterdam airport at the age of 4 wearing, you guessed it, a 3-piece suit.

George is the man who is making that suit for your Academy award winning speech. The cut, the silhouette or the uniqueness of the fabric is to a tee, you. He would focus on the fabrics and the colour of those textiles to bring you something no one has seen before. It’s individual, it’s refreshing and it’s shapely. With tailored silhouettes, great fabrics from all over the planet to choose from and Italian craftsmanship, Zaharoff makes sure that the men who wear his suits command attention and respect.

Not only does George Zarahoff make great suits, he gives advice on how you should feel in them. He’ll let you in on the little secrets of key components to finding the right style for you. Elegant, sophisticated and durable. Men want fashion that can stand the same stress they have to deal with in their lives and still look immaculate. Today’s lifestyle is hectic, it’s pressured, and a Zaharoff suit continues to make you look sharp from 8am through to 11pm.

Zaharoff is a man after the MenStylePower crew’s hearts. He likes men to look masculine, so you won’t find anything dandy here. You will see strong lines, confronting colours, powerful shapes and staple items that withstand time and fashion. He understands if you’re 6’4″ you’re going to have difficulty finding a sports jacket or a suit in London, Paris or Tokyo. Most of his wardrobe is tailored to his size as he’s a tall fella and has come to understand what men want in his travels and natural talent of being a designer, a stylist and a listener. His knowledge of the craft is impressive and his character is real. Meaning, he’s authentic not perfect in his adaptation of styling for men. We dig it.

We also dig the unique names that George calls his collection. ‘Road Warrior’, ‘Moroccan Fantasy’, ‘Xs and Os’, ‘Hidden Cross’ and ‘Hearts Connecting’.

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