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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda … Volta Shoes

It’s only once in a fashion fad lifetime that a new brand ‘sneaks’ out infront of the pack and captures the imagination of the style set.

In 2010, a brand with uber appeal has emerged from the mysterious self described multidisciplinary Italian design community of TwentyFourSeven. It’s a shoe concept like no other.

And it’s name is Volta.

Hot, uber cool and fresh off the tracks, Volta has landed at a time the sneaker-world has lost its appeal, even for the street and teen crowd. And while we’re seeing a classic-revivals’ offer i.e. boat-shoes and standard low-cut boots, it’s only the few commercial brands driving the design of shoes, so the same crap is being repeated in store after store after store. I mean, enough already with messy, distressed, military boots!!!

It would seem that the link between “new” and “classic”, “innovative” and “standard” is/was missing. Until Volta; launching just when the market needed a new “classics” to make the difference on style (and sales). I’m a fan, and so are MSP readers. They keep bombarding us with searches for more info on this innovative shoe brand, and so being slaves to our readers, we have complied.

So here it is:

Taking inspiration from the “classics” of footwear, Volta is a comfortable hybrid between sneakers and boots, designed and crafted to become part of the wearer’s daily life.

The designers clearly understand they had to look back into history rather than try to predict the future, and took up the challenge to redefine and actualize classic standards based on people’s needs nowadays.

A mono-product unisex style,VOLTA footwear combines the casual standards to a sneaker feel; a product brand with no strong local styles, ready to be marketed to a wide international audience. The use of classic suede and leather, with classic nylon on the back-side to break the formal look, gives new flavour to a standard boot-style.

The wild colors, ranging from tan, to blue, green, reds and even green trim, makes the brand suitable for a wide variety of different tastes. The price-point matches the brand positioning and the targeted ‘style’ audience. Finally, a bright and effective communication campaign, driven by the strong brand identity, renders VOLTA footwear the new must-have. A new, real instant classic.

Stockists? A mystery. Your work’s cut out for you to track down this elusive brand. If you find a list, or a store carrying Volta Shoes, share it with us PLEASE!!


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