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Would you approach this woman in a bar?

Hey, don't be alarmed, we all thought he was a girl!

Of course you would! She’s perfectly featured, elegant, seductive and attractive. But would you ever forgive yourself if you knew it was actually a man dressed as a woman.

We are seeing a new trend emerging which was taken as a delightful and intriguing gimmick on the Milan and Paris runways, yet is now having a serious backlash. Not only by men, but by women.

Andre at a photoshoot

Men. As you’ve been reading the MenStylePower blog over the years, we are hoping that it has encouraged you to find your true authentic self, and to be the best you can be. The MSP crew want you to have your own personal style, to take ideas, inspiration and collections from the best designers all over the world and create your own dashing wardrobe to enhance the warrior spirit that you are. In this article we couldn’t help it, and had to ask for you to rise up and encourage your lady, your sister and your female friends, that if they are being trapped into this sort of eating malfunction due to the ‘ego’ of fashion, that you’re able to reach out to them and bring them back to earth.

What we are exposing is a very delicate topic. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. And this is a call to action to hear what you have to say.

Andre Pejic

There is concern globally, however, that to create a half-man, half-woman creature because the girls are simply not up to the job, will cause chaos. This betrayal of women has been brewing in the fashion world for decades now. People point to the Sixties and Twiggy as the reason for the trends to become so extreme, (Twiggy was the skinniest model in the entire universe), but she was a one-off, not a trend-setter. Yet fashion is about trend-setting to keep the machine running, and subsequently it has filtered into the subjects themselves leaving each individual (the more unique the better) as the next trend for the common man or woman to envy.

Ava Gardner

To my knowledge, most women have wanted the perfect hourglass figures of Ava Gardner or Jane Russell. And let me tell you, so do we! Men want their women healthy and sexy. They also want them to be happy, because we all know what we’re in for with an unhappy lassy! So to see any of your woman friends or family, dive into the hype of deluded body image entrapment, is a sad and alarming feeling. So what do you do about it?

Accept what you’re seeing. It’s a harsh reality when you realise that your lady can’t see who she really is. It’s hard sometimes for her to compete with life when we are bombarded with advertising showing the ‘perfect image’. Yet, what is the perfect image? We need to look to purpose, love and self for that.

Highlighting a point of no return.

Reach out. Now as a man, I know how hard it is to do this. We usually leave a situation until we’re able to act like a man, i.e. brawl, protection, flight or fright situation or confrontation where we can rise up. But, on the topic of eating disorders it’s a silent enemy. Many women will slowly chip away until one day it’s almost too late. They look happy, or serene, but this is potentially a façade. What you need to do here, with your instinct, is to gently talk to her. You need to connect with her on an emotional level. Why do you think she’s trying to waste away? It’s because she doesn’t feel worthy.

Designers around the world are seeing this epidemic too. Some designers i.e. Roland Mouret have been a phenomenal success because he understood that women have curves they can’t do much about and men by and large like them, especially when they can be transformed from a muffin-top waistline into Marilyn Monroe.

Christina Hendricks brings back the full figure

And this, as Mad Men shoots another series, (mainly off the bosom of Hendricks), and Debenhams reports a 225 per cent sales increase in clothes that give women hourglass figures, proves there is a GOD! Even the original stick insect Victoria Beckham has jumped on the real woman bandwagon and designed her entire range around feminine curves.

It is not all hopeless, the return of the female figure that men love is on the rise. Yet we need to address with sincerity the lack of love that resides in the hearts of those women who are wasting away. Have courage men, reach out to them. And in the meantime raise your beers fellas to the nipped in waists, complemented curves and celebrated cleavage. Andrej would have looked a right twit in them.

If you have comments on your ideal girl, let us know.


MSP team.


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