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Wolsey, Fit for a King.

The latest Wolsey collection for men, 1755.

The British heritage brand Wolsey (perhaps the only line that targets street-wear enthusiasts and supplies hosiery and knitwear to the Queen) has commenced showcasing its collection with a more fashion-forward spin-off called 1755 — a modern brand curiously named after the year the company was founded.

In a world where competition is fierce and consumer loyalty wanes by the season, there are very few businesses which can claim to have a history covering more than 250 years. However, Wolsey is such a business.

Innovation in manufacturing, design, marketing and selling has enabled customers, sportsmen and even the household of the British Royal family to enjoy the benefits of Wolsey clothes and accessories. From the mid 18th century Wolsey’s founding fathers seized upon the opportunity of Leicester’s burgeoning textile manufacturing capabilities, and continued to innovate through to the present day. This move was nothing short of brilliant.

Even 250 years ago, manufacturers were always looking for better ways to service the public and line their pockets. Wolsey’s heritage and status within the textile industry has been built on design and quality attributes that remain integral to the business today.

Once upon a time, family businesses were the most important generational lineage of all time. The Wolsey business (known then as Anne Wood & Sons) was founded in 1778, with a mother and son at the helm. Yet it wasn’t until the mother’s death that the company continued to thrive under the skilful management of her sons, and eventually her grandsons.

From the very early days, when Robert Walker, walked (hmmm, got something to do with the surname) into Anne Wood & Sons, secured a job, brought incredible insight and innovated the company again, and merged two traditional businesses into one; to the business supplying Sea Captains, Expedites and soldiers with the warmest undergarments (18 million to be exact), has Wolsey moved with an alarming stride.

Regardless, through innovative, boldness, searching for insight and brilliance, we come to the 21st century, where Wolsey manufactures ‘unshrinkable woolens’ with class and elegance. Oh not to mention, that Wolsey has been clothing the Royal Family since 1927. “Yes how do you do Edward the 8th, do you care to try on our latest cashmere sweater?” Or “Madam Queen Mother, we present to you with pride, the woolen hosiery you require, and thank you profusely for allowing us to display the Royal Arms on our garments”.

The brand, Wolsey is truly international in its inspiration the design, sourcing, quality control and distribution and is still handling all their business from their original base in the City of Leicester, Great Britain. Remarkable.


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