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Who is MenStylePower’s ‘Stig of Style’?


The ‘Stig of Style ‘is the name given to the mysterious, Ducati bike fanatic, style aficionado and long lost cousin of Top Gear’s Stig. Stig’s best mate is The Stylemeister, and together they are the brains behind ‘’.

Conceived somewhere over the Indian Ocean by two star crossed lovers and brought up by a reclusive Italian couple on the isle of Zanzibar (reliable data is unavailable as to whether the star crossed lovers and the Italian couple are one and the same), at the tender age of 8 Stig (of Style) was shipped to the British Isles to attend school in a lonely isolated corner of Wales.

The ‘Stig of Style’ is a fearless campaigner for more strong men to take care of themselves from head to toe especially his first girlfriend broke up with him for being a slob forever scarring and wounding the innocent boy of 14. The pain of losing his first love was greatly manifested especially because that girl is rumoured to have been Naomi Campbell.

At 16, the ‘Stig of Style’ run away from boarding school in England and swum back to East Africa to escape the drudgery of the British school system. Apparently he trained a group of dolphin sharks to pull him home.

Living intermittently between LA (USA), Sydney (Australia) and the Isle of Zanzibar, the ‘Stig of Style’ makes his living training men in the corporate world on what to wear and what value wardrobe items to buy and pick. He’s also a personal car/wine/financial advisor (certification cannot and will not be presented on request! Buyer Beware!).

The ‘Stig of Style’s true identity is unknown. Why? He’s a stubborn bugger. All that can be seen from the gap between his helmet and jumpsuit are his piercing eyes and steady strong gaze. It’s known that he wears Size 11 laced up Nike individual trainers or distressed leather boots.

He lives for his mother (he’s very good to her but he’s no mama’s boy), his similarly helmeted mates and family, his Ducati (which he races annually over the Sahara desert), his collection of leather jackets and his beautiful girlfriend, X (actual identity also unknown). Like his long lost cousin, he is almost never seen moving his lips (neither are his lips seen). His voice is a sound bed of mystery, changing tone and pitch often, dependent mainly on the weather, a trait that runs in the Stig family blood.

The ‘Stig of Style’ claims that should his identity be exposed either through his own willingness, by any of his clients or by this website, he will quit his work and retreat forever to the island of Zanzibar where he owns a small hotel (left to him by the aforementioned star crossed lovers).

To get down and chillax, the ‘Style of Stig’ favours a large steak, garlic potatoes and for dessert, a simple chocolate pound cake with fresh vanilla bean ice-cream and a tot of Michael Collins Single Malt whiskey, and when that’s not handy, he can be when persuaded by a snifter of Suntory Yamizaki 18.

His iTunes carries a selection of John Legend, Prince, Sting and Kanye West but is also keen on ol skool ‘Wu Tang Clan’ and Duran Duran. He can also be found secretly listening to Pavarotti. The ‘Stig of Style’ is a simple man. A man’s man … who believes in strong, masculine style! Keep visiting ‘Men Style Power’ for his brave, pithy, strongly male and sometimes outlandish style advice, delivered in no more than 5-10 sentences! Huaaa!


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