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What is Authentic ManHood?


The real dilemma men face is they know what a real man looks like from movie character, stories and conversations and also from a deep pool of moral consciousness; yet they don’t feel like one.

Steps To Resurrect Your Authentic Manhood.

Get going.

Be a man of action. Get up off the couch and start moving. Re-enter the field of contest. Get your blood moving.

Take ownership.

Embrace personal responsibility. Don’t rely on the government, a company, or another person to make your life. Step out and take possession of your destiny.

Mark your territory.

Your world is only as big as the trails that you are willing to run. Some men never adventure out of their comfort zone. You may find a whole new world is awaiting you if you will be assertive enough to go there.

Take your stand.

Be a man of your word. Whatever you approach, do it with confidence. Fear will never serve you in victory. Stand up tall and straight, put your shoulders back and face the challenge head on.

Strength! Courage! Take the Lead.

Be a strong man. Your wife and children should draw strength from you. They should rely on your integrity, honesty and not-putting-up-with-crappiness. Don’t cower in the face of a challenge. If you want leadership, you must take responsibility for it. As men, we’re put in the position of leadership to protect those who we are leading.

Speak up.

If someone puts you down or hurts someone you love, state the boundaries and consequences, then follow through; not with violence but with a firm voice and courage. Come on man, you can do it!

Find your ‘nthuke’.

In the Meru African tribe, men are organised into small groups of ten, or twelve on the basis of their age and clan – the ‘nthuke’. The purpose – to create a lifetime group connection where boys grow into men together, sharing and being accountable to one another through the ups, downs and passages of life, until death do them part!

C4P591 Father and son on a beach vacation together, father pointing towards the sea

Give it everything you’ve got.

Don’t do things halfway. Everything that your hand touches should be excellent! Excellence begets excellence. That means that when you prove yourself to do something right you will learn even better ways for the next time.

Renew your mind.

Don’t attempt to have success in your old way of thinking. You can’t do the same old thing and expect new results. Learn and apply the principles of living a truly fulfilled, faithful life.

Embrace your manhood gents! You are amazing just as you are!

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