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What does Jeffrey Donovan aka Michael Westen wear?

OK dudes, we’ve heard your numerous cries of help and we’re here to render assistance. Many of our searches and requests on have been pleas for us to uncover what the heck Jeffrey Donovan wears, on the popular TV show ‘Burn Notice’.

If you haven’t heard of it, ‘Burn Notice’ is a very well written tongue-in-cheek spy caper that’s obviously got a massive cult following and its star, the wry and dry Michael Westen (played by equally wry and dry Jeffrey Donovan) has become a smash hit phenomenon that’s somehow kept itself clean of Hollywood’s nonsense. Maybe because its shot on Miami’s southern beaches … too far away for Perez Hilton & his pap crew.

I watch the show religiously and I’m so addicted that nobody, and I mean nobody, is allowed to speak to me while it’s on.

In probably one of the best characterizations on TV today, Westen, who narrates the series a la “Spying for Dummies”, is the unlicensed private investigator/spy/soldier of fortune who manages to remain highly fashionable, while being consumed by the desire to find out why he has been burnt (i.e. blacklisted as a CIA spy/agent) and giving his mother heart attacks in the process.

Westen is highly trained in various forms of martial arts, such as Sambo, which he uses when pretending to be Russian or whatever other nationality is required to bring about his own kinda loose justice. His cool demeanor and sarcastic tongue gets icier as he battles and outwits an array of mobsters, con artists, contract killers, professional thieves, drug traffickers, sex traffickers, deadbeat dads, arms dealers, kidnappers and war criminals without breaking a sweat in his very cool designer threads.

Here’s a breakdown of his wardrobe. Enjoy and beg us no more!

NB: Westen is a one-woman man and boy are we loving that here at MSP. There’s nothing like a man who’s committed to his woman and not to childish playa antics. Swagger!

Suits – Hugo Boss and Armani:

Michael Westen has come to personify the Miami laid back, no tie, cool, light linen suit look. It’s a new-classic style that suits lazy waterfront beach cafes serving fruit cocktails while listening to the cool sounds of the marimba, than it does Monaco-esque casino black tie i.e. it’s as far from James Bond as Obama is to Bush, and for that we are very chuffed. However we believe Westen is reliving the good ol days of Miami Vice a la white linen suits over pastel shirts, except that he gives it more of a noughties preppy feel. Ah well, a man can’t run away from his city’s legacy now, can he?

Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples & BCBG Max Azaria:

Next to BCBG’s Max Azaria Melrose sunglasses from the “Shot in the Dark” episode of Burn Notice, these Oliver Peoples Victory Polarized Aviator Sunglasses are Michael Westen’s signature and are the most asked about shades on sites like Love ‘em. Woah!

Shirts – Kenneth Cole:

Touted as the designer of “Prada for the people,” Kenneth Cole got his foot in the door of the fashion industry selling shoes out of the back of a forty-foot trailer in Midtown Manhattan. Because parking permit restrictions prohibited him from operating a retail business from his vehicle, he changed his company name from Kenneth Cole, Inc. to Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., and applied for a permit to shoot a film called: The Birth of a Shoe Company. Cole parked his trailer across the street from the New York Hilton Hotel, and sold a reported 40,000 pairs of shoes in less than three days. Love it bro! KC now designs full ranges of classic, stylish clothes for men.

Boots – Mark Nason:

With the brand tagline ‘Rock Never Dies’, these boots kick ass! They’re handcrafted in Italy and have the soul of mega attitude mixed with style; from the tips of the signature steep tip toes to the distinctive profiles, luxurious hand-distressed leathers and signature dragon detail. They’re designed to complement designer denim and dress casual wear but we say they also look hot mixed up with a classic, designer tailored suit.

Watch – Chase-Durer Special Forces 1000 UDT:

We’re not going to lie. Chase Durer’s Special Forces watch is the ultimate in ultra ruggedness gets, at least on your wrist. These fine precision instruments can be found literally hovering through the United States Naval Academy, West Point and the popular Air Force Academy. Proud owners include Generals, Admirals, Combat and Commercial Pilots, Fighting Ground troops, and other wanna-bes who seek the sexy power, performance and design of Chase-Durer’s Swiss military precision. “I feel the need, the need for speed (and accurate time!).” Hu-AHHHHH!

Sidearm – SIG Sauer P228 (9×19mm):

The official site states it well: (and I wouldn’t want to refute their brand message for fear they send a marksman after moi!) Sig Sauers are the weapons of choice for elite units around the world, and the smart choice for anyone, with a hard-earned reputation for getting everything right – design, materials, precision manufacturing, ergonomics, function, safety, reliability, durability, maintenance, accessories and options (eh … and accuracy! Sheesh …)

Jeans – Rock & Republic:

R&R jeans are a premium luxury lifestyle brand and are apparently synonymous with sex appeal, innovative style, and edgy sophistication. They’re ‘manufactured with the notion that everyone deserves to dress like a rock star.’ Too much pressure, we say. I’ll only wear it if I look good in it, not if I want to channel Jon Bon Jovi. But then again …

Vehicle, choice of transport – 1973 Dodge Charger:

One of the coolest items in the Burn Notice garage is a black vintage 1973 Dodge Charger Rallye Edition, complete with a fiberglass hood scoop, vertically slatted taillights and grilles plus features like 5mph front and rear bumpers. Originally belonging to Westen’s father, it was given to him by his mother, Madeline and since then it’s been shot at, almost blown up and done enough chases through Miami’s streets to become a menace to society. But you can’t help but love the musclator Dodge; it’s growl, speed and sleek lines.

The Charger funnily enough did not start off as a “muscle car”, though in later years it became one of Dodge Divisions leading performance icons and by the mid 70s was one of the largest and most powerful cars on the street.

Health & fitness – a Miami outdoor lifestyle:

Healthy, fit and always tan from the Miami sun and surf, Michael also has a fondness for yogurt (particularly blueberry) – yoghurt being good “spy food” – full of protein and nutrients and easy and convenient for a spy to eat during a long surveillance stint. I spy, with my little eye, real style, in Westen!

Do you want more? Here’s a gallery of Burn Notice treats – the posse, more pics of Micheal’s wayward spy antics and just fun trivial … stuff … Click on the full-screen button and enjoy! [flagallery gid=7 name=”MenStylePower”]


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