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What does #IWD mean for us Gentlemen?

IWD 2019

How to treat her on International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day, IWD is an initiative that commenced in 1911, and has gained even more momentum since the #metoo movement and the #timesup campaigns.

For many a man, who wants to be part of this movement there is hesitation due to potential back lash with our larrikin humor, but we’re keen to be involved because all of us have a mother or a sister, cousin or work college.

In 2019, the theme for IWD is #BalanceForBetter


Firstly, what it doesn’t look like is this.

So often, we men, think we’d be able to MAKE a woman happy if we were just better looking, smarter, richer, more accomplished, or more whatever we think we “should be.” You try to impress her with your car, your house, your title, your sports’ knowledge, your grasp of politics, your career successes…You try to wow her with your Gucci boots, your spray on tan, and expensive teeth whitening…You try to engage her with your witty jokes, and your interest in your every passing thought.

What we need, is you guys to Give. Turn it around. The focus is on her, and not you. Your duty is to intuitively understand her to a point that you know exactly what makes her happy, and sometimes that means “Time to herself”.

Today, with all the reality lifestyle shows, and the attainability of material items, impression is reverting back to the simple and fundamental elements, such as honest, loyalty and truth. Respect, joy and commitment.

So let’s start with three tiny little gestures to make her feel great this IWD.

emma dean salon

Treat Her:

This is so simple! If your wife is a business woman and looking after a little tribe of ‘you’ at the same time, then a surprise hair appointment is the best escape for her. Why? The cost is minimal, she has 2 hours to herself with a person who loves to chat and she gets a zinger relaxing head massage before an exhilarating blowout. Our Founder, Louise Edmonds, went to Emma Dean Salon in Rozelle for this and came back like she had a mini-holiday.

Edmonds says, “I am a busy woman and I don’t like excess. My time is precious and I can’t afford to be late to other meetings when one goes over. I love seeing the crew at Emma Dean Salon, who get the job done perfectly in the time I have allocate. These 2 hours relaxes me so much, I actually come up with new ideas when I’m being treated! It’s excellent”.

Mention MENSTYLEPOWER and get 25% off your better halves Hair Appointment! 


Be a Team (again):

If you have small children you know the juggle. It’s endless. And naturally a woman will take on most of this due to the way she’s been designed. Empathetic, multi-tasker and efficient. But don’t gentlemen, take that for granted. If you want to be effective this IWD, then surprise her by directing her to take a step aside while you pick up most of the slack with an event, or a child’s training, taxi driving (yes that’s what we call it) or house work. (YES, we said it). #Balanceforbetter


Romance her

We’re not talking about an expensive exercise here. If you’ve not heard of this remarkable initiative, The Entertainment Book, is an God-send for the food we want to eat at VIP members discount rates. It gives you access to all States in Australia where you can have up to 25% off the total bill going to some of the most wonderful culinary kitchens in Oz.

Have an undivided attention ‘hour of power’ with her, and reconnect. You won’t be disappointed. We know you need to connect too.


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