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Webber you Winner!

Aussie Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing) celebrates his win of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.

We love it! Burning that rubber and flashing that smile full of devious mischief, we’re here celebrating another brilliant win for the high-spirited Aussie male. Always known for their hard work and carefree attitude, it made us laugh when we read that in a bid to clear the red mist around Red Bull, team boss Christian Horner invited the feuding duo of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel to a barbecue and karaoke session.

What? Don’t these dudes have a full Bang and Olufsen surround sound stereo in their helmets like the Stig, that reduces their need for Karaoke outside of the race track? I mean come-ooooon (said with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent).

Anyway, it was reported after the brilliant win that Webber belted out Bryan Adams’s Summer of ’69 while Vettel, strumming a guitar, opted for Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water. And to prove both drivers could sing from the same hymn sheet, the entire party rounded out the evening with a rendition of Don McLean’s classic American Pie – a song with mystical cohesive powers.

What do the respective karaoke preferences reveal about the drivers’ psyches? Bernard Zuel, a well-known music critic, provided the psycho-analysis.

Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams & Mark Webber) Here is a song which seems to be about innocence and aspiration, about the purity of choice we make as a kid with dreams alongside our pals. A bit like off-season testing. (“Oh when I look back now/That summer seemed to last forever”). But look closer and you see that the Australian hasn’t forgiven. Or forgotten. “And now the times are changin’/Look at everything that’s come and gone/Sometimes when I play that old six-string/I think about you and wonder what went wrong.” He’s smiling but he’s saying, don’t mess with me Seb.

Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple & Sebastian Vettel) Aggressive much? Vettel ostensibly gets to sing about an ancient rock band’s experience on Lake Geneva but as he shakes his golden locks to and fro over the famous guitar riff he can unleash an Ian Gillan scream and tell Webber that even inside the flame retardant suit in that cramped, hot cockpit, he too has a long memory: “We made a place to sweat/No matter what we get out of this/I know, I know we’ll never forget.”

American Pie (Don McLean & Red Bull management) The brilliance of this choice is, appropriately enough for a motoring event, manifold. Firstly, there’s the fact that no matter how out of tune you are, both musically and in personal relations, the rousing chorus encourages group effort over technique while throwing in a gratuitous motoring reference in the Chevy. Best of all, it is interminable, its many verses building to nothing in particular except a long, long night of the soul. By the end of that song you can’t remember what it was you were angry about at the beginning of the night. Perfect.

”We haven’t been offered any recording contracts and the neighbours will probably be complaining about the noise but everyone here let their hair down and celebrated,” Horner said.

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Over and Out.


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