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Watches of Steel

Watches and cars are two of the most highly talked about topics between men. All the advertising and association to power, masculinity and getting the girl will show the sheer force of owning a magnificent time piece or vehicle. Hey, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Take Stig for example. He loves his Ducati. You touch his bike, you’ve got another thing coming! And it’s pretty exciting to talk about this brand as the company sponsor Sahara Force India team in Formula 1. Awesome!

This week we’ve interviewed a stylish Gent who heads up the national office at T.W. Steel. General Manager, Nader Wassel chats to Menstylepower on wrist jewellery, etiquette and styling tips for the Aussie bloke.

“Guys will really identify with what watch they’re wearing. It’s a personal statement, and seriously the first point of call for any Gent who wants to add a piece of jewellery or accessory to his attire”, claims Wassel. “Watches are ‘status’ pieces like cars and clothes, and these three items are the pinnacle pieces in a guys life”.

“The T.W. Steel has an extremely high level of mechanics and design as you would find in a Breitling or a Panerai, but it’s a more tasteful price point”, states Wassel.

The entry point for a beautiful T.W. Steel piece is $325 and average is around $550 RRP where you’d pay $6,000 for a Breitling or a Panerai. With a T.W.Steel you can still get the look and feel of those high end watches.

Nader states they have a large customer base that are the high end watch owners, who like to select five or six T.W. Steel pieces to mix and match their wardrobe during the week. This is certainly the way to go, to avoid a mishap when you’re cantering down the lane to get something from your local. Bring out the Breitling at the Polo; only.

Nader says that men are accessorising more so with watches, than other accessories. His watches have leather and silicon straps in strong masculine colours with beautiful details in the stitching to accessorise back to a Gents attire. The signature oversized statement faces are a bold stand, and his customers (as you can imagine) have big personalities, so this niche signature detail is well regarded among his followers.

Rose Gold is one of the brands highest sellers. Now you’d think this is a pretty metal for Gents but not so. Rose Gold looks incredible on all types of skin and with the detail that sit in the face of the piece, its complimentary and tasteful.

T.W Steel is in over 80 countries and Australia is one of the top performing territories. Surprisingly its cut through many other brands to hit top seller status. And why? Well maybe the everyday Aussie bloke love a big watch, like he loves a V8 engine.

Nader on Styling:

Each metro area of the capital cities has a distinct style. People are perhaps drawn to areas for lifestyle reasons and then adapt their wardrobe to what that lifestyle represents. It’s highly fascinating and very identifiable.

Australians are eager to explore when international retailers come to town. We appreciate these leaders in European and American markets and are very pleased to see them on our shores. Retail as a whole though, always needs to innovate or it’ll die. It is as simple as that. The old formula of wholesale to retail to consumer is slowly dying, and we need to find exciting and engaging ways to attract and maintain our customer.

How do you look for your personal style?:

Take a bit of everything, inspiration out of your friends style, magazines, shows, movies and you just take in everything around you. When you see something you like you’ll tend to start collecting elements that appeal to you and before you know it, you’ve got a great wardrobe that represents everything about you. Style and fashion tells people who you are, without words. And in a competitive world, it’s the first thing that people can judge you on.

How do you stay manly in your style when designers are going quite dandy?:

Some designers are creating collections that are quite feminine which appeals to the market, but to be true to a masculine style, choose classic tailored designs, like a Bally briefcase.

What tips are there to choose your first expensive watch?:

Do your research online before going into a store. A store person is there to find what their customer wants so go into a great store that has great service, and have a look at a range of watches that will appeal to you. Don’t feel pressured at all in buying something there and then. Take your time. Remember this is an investment.

How many watches should a man own?:

Probably 2-3 as a starting point, and if you’ve got 10 then this is an excellent amount to own over a period of time. Sports, casual, elegant, dress and fun watches are all there for the liking, but do have one premium Swiss watch that you feel really good in and that you can keep for a long time and hand down each generation.

Is a man judged by his watch?

Definitely, a watch is part of it. I make a point of what watch someone is wearing when I go to a meeting or in the public, but that’s cause I’m in the industry. Guys in general though talk about watches, and when I do disclose that I’m in the industry it can be a talking point for hours. Guys get really excited about time pieces.

Do you get watch envy?:

Sometimes….yes, there are a few watches out there that are just incredible.

About Nader Wassel

With visual merchandising and a bachelor of business in marketing under his belt, it’s no wonder Nader has represented T.W. Steel, Guess Watches, Guess Jewellery, Nautica, Marc Ecko, Bulova Swiss, Police, JAG, Maxum & Timex in a marketing capacity; as well as retail clients: Glue Stores, Gregory Jewellers and David Jones.

Nader wears Nudie jeans, Wyred shirt and shoes, Happy socks and T.W. Steel watch.


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