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What is it about the watch? The time piece, the arm jewelry? Is it the weight that locks around your wrist? The ability to snap your wrist out to view the time when a lady asks politely for it? Is it a statement to other men in the office that your selection of watch represents the level of education, knowledge and style that you have? Do you wear it tightly, or loosely? Do you have a few or many? Are you a collector?

Many many questions, that prompt many many styles, shapes, brands, innovations and jewels. Whatever the case, the wrist watch is a statement. It’s a man’s jewelry when he wears no other piece. So, if you’re modest, and there are no rings, earrings, neck pieces, accessories than the watch matters more than ever. And we all know how naked we feel without it!

The first watches were made of elaborate iron work, took up to a year to make, and would cost roughly $2,000 in today’s money to buy. They were also very big.

Over the next hundred or so years, additional improvements took the design of watches further. Another internal wheel was added, soon to be followed by other mechanical advances.

In America, the first industrialized watches were made, with replicable parts. One watches parts could be removed and replaced with a standard piece. This dramatically improved the quality and use of watches.

In modern times, watches can seem somewhat old-fashioned, compared to cell-phones and other advanced technology. They are still masterpieces of engineering, however, and are recognized as adding class and elegance

So we’ve snapped up a couple of time pieces that caught our eye. They are silver, blue and brown. Very masculine and strong colours that will give confidence to the wearer – and a raised eyebrow to the onlooker.

Do you like?


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