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Volkswagen Hero Campaign

Did you ever wish you had all your favourite superheros on call to get all your pesky chores done in a flash? Superman mowing the lawns, Ironman retiling the roof, the Hulk putting in a new pool or Spiderman on pest control! Sounds good? Well, sorry to say it ain’t never gonna happen. Why? Because none of the above hero’s really exist – derrr.

Thanks to a wonderful initiative by Volkswagen and the Sydney Swans, you can now have the next best thing. Allow me to introduce you to Volkswagen Fan Support, Hero Campaign. It’s Volkswagen and the Swans way of saying thank you to all their fans for their tremendous support and commitment over the years. Through the highs and the lows, the roars of victories and the silence of disappointments, the fan have stayed true and unwavering.

Supporters can now nominate one of their heroic, superstar players to assist them in a task to make life a little easier for themselves. Everyone in this is a winner! You get to be pampered by a real life hero and the Swans player gets to say thank you by returning the support they have received all these years.

Jump onto the Volkswagen website and take a look at the two opportunities being offered to the undying fans of the Sydney Swans with a competition where you can be part of a training session with the team at the historical SCG. And if you think that’s awesome, you’ll join the team for dinner afterwards. Or go in and request Fan Support with the Swans on anything you need within your life, from painting hero faces at your son’s 4th birthday party to painting your fence.

This post has been sponsored by Volkswagen, but all thoughts are our own. Kabooom.



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