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Virtual Style: Men’s fashion on Second Life

I was poking around the web today when a very cool site nabbed my attention – An online gallery focused on the fashion of 3D men in the virtual world ‘Second Life’. Talk about stylishly trippin on fantasy.

Apparently is one of the major men’s fashion websites on Second Life, with now more than 3,500 unique visitors per day average (the numbers can rise to 6,000 on days when new posts are published) and an average 400,000 page views per month! SLmen is included in the “fashion planet stream“, which allows even more readers to see each of the post 600 posts published to date. Seemingly impressive numbers …

Each SLmen fashion pic is carefully created by designers living in Second Life, using best practices in photography and lighting in SL, as well as the best poses on the market (model poses can be purchased with SL currency – the Linden dollar – everything and anything’s for sale I guess in a hypothetical universe).

As well, most of the fashion items in the pics on SLmen are available for sale on Second Life  and can be bought and tried virtually via a SLURL to the designer’s shop.

And here we were thinking that Second Life and existing in virtual worlds was a dying trend! Not to the apparently 18 million registered account users.

Although the MSP crew is more interested in living in the real world, we must admit that SLmen’s fashion is out of this universe … literally. Take inspiration from it and if you’re game (get the pun?), try Second Life and its fashion world for yourself.


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