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Vanishing Elephants & Bashful Cheetahs – a not-so-new-quirky-cool label

Gents, dudes, able men and fellow citizens of this age, I’d like your attention please. I’d like to introduce to you a very kooky, quirky cool crowd. They’re known NOT as the Shy Lion, nor the Bashful Cheetah or the Diminishing Rhino … they go by the name of … The Vanishing Elephant. Yeah, I know. First thing that came to mind when I heard their name … is this …

But this wouldn’t be a style blog if I was exclusively rabbiting on about how the belching towers of industry and capitalism are contributing to the end of life as we know it (disclaimer: please note that we are an eco friendly style blog/mag thingy!!).

What the name means, I’m yet to find out. But this I do know: made up of 3 dudes, mates actually – Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell – Vanishing Elephant are a Sydney, Australia crew who’ve been designing menswear for discerning, young gents around the world.

How’d the collab come together? Weeeeelllll ….  Chan was a buyer for Incu, Bennett had his own sales agency Hand In Glove, and Russell specialised as an art director and was behind UK brands Marshall Artist and Maharashi. Tired of being teased by mice and the ratrace, these Pachyderms of the Creative Industry, decided to retreat into Elephantasia and launch a line that over time has become sexy-quirky-cool a la these shoes.

However it’s not all left of centre – each ‘Vanishing Elephant’ collection heralds a return to gentlemanly style complete with woven shirts, tailored suits, elegant knitwear and Italian leather footwear. ‘Vanishing Elephant releases about 4 collections every year and can be found at stockists in far flung and exotic places such as Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Vietnam, Taiwan, the US of A and New Zealand.

Their latest collection is curiously titled the Southern 2nd Summer ‘Journeys On And Around The Sound’. Their Autumn one? The Northern Spring/Southern Autumn ’11 “Them Old Cotton Fields’.

Out there. Beyond matter, space and final frontiers! Go boys!

Here’s a peep at some of their work. Love them shoes.


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