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True designer clothes, where art meets fashion.

The art-meets-fashion approach that designers are turning towards is finally bringing fashion back to the more ‘tailored’ and ‘personal’ touch.

The mass-production that we saw saturate the garment racks in every retailer last year, has suddenly been exposed by the savvy consumer. Call it the GFC, or the greed that has compromised creativity and innovation, it’s well and truly pushed the consumers pocket into ‘personal selection’ not the usual ‘retail therapy’ that would help people take their minds off their complicated lives. Why spend your hard earned dollar on something you know cost $11 to make and sells for $89?

Consumers are tired of seeing what’s in one medium priced retailers window, (non-designer) that’s also on sale in another store. Usually 40 feet away. And the reason for this fellas, is that in China, the factory of the world, has allured business owners, buyers and vertical designers alike to Hong Kong, to then get on a train to enter the south of China, pick out the clothing that they know will work based on their consumer profile and re-label it. Or copy it, and produce a small quantity to hit deadlines for speed to market. Business is business right?

Now. So we’re not left on that depressing note that we’ve been paying far too much for the shirts and trousers we’ve been buying from retailers not to be named, I’ll give you a little heads up for the items you should invest your precious dollars into.

Right now in Australia, the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is 2 hours into it’s Opening Night Cocktail Party at Government House. And Penthouse Mouse is a highlight of the festival’s cultural program. It’s as if the moons and stars align, successfully bringing together various designers and artists from a range of creative fields, all in the one space. It’s a unique platform, and one that is perfect for new and emerging designers.

Many of the designers involved this year at LMFF have been working on their very own prints and fabrics. There’ll be silkscreens, screen prints and inspired collaborations with other artists, knitwear that is of the chunky, fine, merino, jacquard and Peruvian persuasion, mesh, leather, stripes, florals, geometric patterning, contrasting proportions, assorted textures, rope and even a little bit of velour.

Now what’s exciting about this, is when a designer prints his or her own fabric, you know it’s like buying art. They can only do small runs as it’s a very expensive process, costing up to $100 a metre of prints and that’s wholesale! But what you’re getting is usually only available to a handful of people across the planet. Ahhh I can see the ‘vintage’ tag on it and it’s value rising if you look after these pieces well.

So if you’re the sort of person who really wants to see the quality for his dollar. Buy local designers who print their own fabric.

Peace out.


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