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TREND: Taking WHITE Seriously in Menswear

White Noise

Saying white will be trendy is a bit of a misnomer because in fashion, white is as classic as it gets. But when it turns up repeatedly, in almost every collection in the form of coats, shirts, pants, suits and shoes, you know it is time to take white seriously. White is incredibly versatile, meaning that it works with literally every other color.

If you are not ready to go all in on white like some models below are, no worries. Take some styling cues from other collections and team it with your existing stuff. And if your wardrobe is not home to this summer must-have item yet, you need to run out and buy it immediately.

White t-shirt, crisp white french cuff dress shirts, and white waxed jeans is where you should start.

And check out our Rocker-White article if you want to get a bit mean!

Oh and then there’s this article, The Dirty Gucci man comes clean!

alexander mcqueen-white

Alexander McQueen splashes blocks of color.


Burberry Prorsum


Christopher Shannon (minus the hairclips)






Lee Roach


Lou Dalton


Richard Nicoll


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