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Tod’s Classic Gommino Driving Shoe

Gommino hero-650x

The phrase ‘Italians do it better’ has never been truer than when it comes to contemporary menswear. The Italian tailors of the world have always been ahead of the crowd thanks to a sharp eye for detail, luxury craftsmanship and a sound understanding of how the male body works. Perhaps that’s why the women giggle about Italian men being great lovers.

Speaking of women. We all know that they judge us by the shoes we wear in ground breaking speed. You wouldn’t even know they’ve sussed out your feet within the first 4 seconds of meeting you. The ‘shoes make the man’, and if you’re wearing a pair of Tod’s then you will be a very stylish one. Beginning life as a family-run business back in the early 1900s, Dorino Della Valle filled his basement with his adored pieces of work. Today, his son Diego who expanded the family business back in the 70s into the USA, still makes each piece in Italy. Tod’s is synonymous with luxury leather goods and, in particular, contemporary footwear.

Have you ever been caught in the rain, sprinted back to your car, cursed the skies because you’re soaking wet, and in a hurry turned the ignition – gone to drive off, and had your foot slip off the accelerator?Dangerous! And right now with all this global warning, it’s raining all over the world. North and South. Like, what’s going on?

The Gommino driving shoe, has been around for many decades and worn by men who liked to see himself in a Ferrari, Maserati or the like. Today, the Gommino has been innovated to also be worn as a city shoe, in an array of new leathers, patterns and sophistication. Ben Baptiste (@benthebaptist) has many a story to tell on the gentlemen who love the Gommino, alas that’s for another post.

Enjoy the visuals by Ben, shot exclusively for Tod’s Australia at the stunning Elizabeth Bay Gardens.

toms brown buckle 2-650x

tods bush close side back_2-650x

plume boot two shoe 1-650x


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