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To Sock, or not to Sock.

In my hunt for the perfect shoe, I came across this article written by Chas Underwood the Third, and thought it hilarious. It’s not often that you’ll see us write something like this, but Chas has done an interesting job and it’s on a subject where there is a mighty debate about the MSP office.

Some of our MSP blokes have a real issue with shoes being worn without socks. In fact, there’s a television commercial that stars our very own Hugh Jackman, that has him wearing a slick pair of leather shoes absent of socks. This annoys the be-geez out of our dudes, as they think it’s an uncomfortable and smelly past time.

The Sebago coloured boatshoe

As for the Japanese, the wearing of shoes and no socks is to be frowned upon. It is a sign of politeness to wear socks, as they are always removing their shoes when they enter dwellings. This was such an issue for a US businessman, who went through an embarrassing episode of removing his shoes to attend a lunch with 12 of his Japanese clients and looked down to see two different socks both with holes in them. In that moment it was his life mission to create a successful business out of it and has now sold over 1 million pairs via the internet. Congrats!


But back to Chas Underwood the Third. He comments that shoes worn with no socks is a trend created by the Rich people of the world. I have to say, it’s a mighty conversation piece, and we’d love to hear what you have to say about it, but while the debate continues in the MSP office, it’s something we’re happy to have a little chuckle about.

Enter Chas….

“Rich people love beautiful shoes. Rich people love the feeling of soft Corinthian leather, thus a trend has emerged to the thousands of wealthy people who enjoy the ahhhh moment of skin next to soft leather.

Every summer thousands of rich people opt to leave their socks at home and slide their sweaty feet into extravagant Prada, John Lobb, Salvatore Ferragamo and A. Testoni shoes to express their carefree nature and show-off their lack of podiatric inhibitions. If you are rich and you wear socks you may as well drive a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba because that’s the level of respect that you will garner but at least you’ll still feel soft leather against your skin from your vintage automobile’s luxurious seats.

Giacomorelli Shoes

For many, the thought of sliding their feet into a pair of brand new shoes with nothing but a smile and a shoehorn is repulsive. In fairness, there are more disgusting habits that a man can pick up in the dirty streets of the world’s finest cities and unlike the aforementioned dirty habits, sans sock aficionados say don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. Of course, if you aren’t rich, you aren’t subjected to ridiculous peer pressure to adopt styles popularized by Miami Vice and other atrocities of the eighties. In fact, average men that show up anywhere in dress shoes without socks are most likely to become the butt of all jokes for the night and likely for the rest of their life.

The ability to destroy a pair of shoes with nothing but a thousand sweats glands is a status symbol more than it is a comfort choice. While middle class white kids wear Che Guevara t-shirts and baseball hats with sticker attached to express that they are badass, the wealthy adopt a modest subtlety to show that they have more money than most Caribbean nations.

Sockless Italian loafers are akin to standing outside Goldman Sachs’ headquarters and screaming “I just cashed a million dollar bonus check!” ~ Of course they never would, so they let bare ankles do the talking under their perfectly tailored suit. A quick glance around Madison Ave, Lexington Ave, Fifth Ave and the men’s department of Bergdorf Goodman will reveal them as playgrounds for the sockless masses. A word to the wise, steer clear of Japanese restaurants that require patrons to remove their footwear if you want to avoid the pungent smell of old money at lunch!”


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