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The Utmost in Luxury Living

We’ve been recently inspired by approaches in luxury and opulent design and art that signal the ultimate in making a stand for a sustainable and responsible existence and respects the environment, peoples and planet we live on.

Be inspired (and work very very hard) and you too could be the owner of a stunning asset (or at least enjoy an experience) that both enthralls AND gives back.

1. The Ultimate Eco Home


Nestled on a 450-acre nature reserve in the UK, the luxury and eco-friendly Orchid House designed by Featherstone Associates will actually produce more energy that in consumes, making it a pinnacle in contemporary sustainable housing design. The unique facade is inspired by local plant and animal life, utilizing laminated veneer lumber and covered in timber shingles to provide beauty and durability for years to come while blending in with the surrounding environment. Interior spaces fan out from a central living area, with portions floating on the lake. Fetching an astounding £7.2 million (or $14.2 million) from an anonymous buyer, sources indicate that interested parties included Brad Pitt and Kylie Minogue, but if you really want to know who bought this ultra-modern abode, you’ll have to wait until its completion in 2011.

2. A Yacht Dream


Imagine your own floating villa on the sea, a moving island that is spacious, luxurious and developed with the latest and most advanced sustainable technologies; that recycles thermal energy and all waste. The architecture is fluid, fitting in well with the sea – there are no excesses, nothing is superfluous, and the impact on the marine environment is minimal. Imagine space, shade and light. Imagine a new art of living on the sea. Imagine the conceptual WHY Hermes Yachts. For more, visit

3. The Sheer Indulgence Sustainable Holiday

If your idea of ultimate luxury is never lifting a finger (or foot), then this vacation and luxury tent experience at Campi Ya Kanzi ( The Camp of the Hidden Treasure) is probably not for you. Situated at the meeting point that connects three of Kenya’s stunning national parks (Chyulu, Tsavo and Amboseli), the 280,000-acres reservation is home to a vast wildlife and birdlife population. The Maasai tribespeople are the landlords here, making it one of the last unspoiled areas of Africa.

You’ll spend a lot of CO2 getting here if you live overseas but once you arrive in this vast wildlife area to the private reserve just 35 kilometers from Mt. Kiliminjaro, you’ll appreciate that the lodge was built using local materials (and not a single tree was cut). Solar collectors provide all the electricity, solar heaters the warm water, and eco-friendly charcoal made from coffee husks is used for cooking. Water is a precious resource at the camp and is collected from rooftops–gray water is recycled. Plus, a portion of proceeds is directed towards programs preserving local lions by compensating the Maasai for lost livestock. According to the managers, Campi ya Kanzi has two goals: to help the Maasai preserve their wildlife and cultural heritage and to treat you to the most memorable vacation of your life. Learn about Maasai lifestyle, their land and their culture and help to play a huge role in preserving this paradise on Earth!


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