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The STYLE POWER e-Book for Men

We’re giving away our STYLE POWER e-Book, Part 2 FOR FREE when you subscribe to our newsletter. Damn right Mister!

Introducing the ‘STYLE POWER e-Book’

‘STYLE POWER’ is an exclusive men’s style advice e-Book offered by the MenStylePower Team.

STYLE POWER is one of menswear’s best kept secrets and we intend to keep it that way. The success of our service reflects the success of our selection criteria and we are certainly not right for everybody.

The ‘STYLE POWER e-Book’ gives you access to inspired, experienced and classic content – to awaken your mind to new possibilities, help you examine every aspect of your image, assist you in take a hard look at your wardrobe and overall life direction and determining what works and what doesn’t.

What’s the ‘STYLE POWER’ Difference?

‘STYLE POWER’ helps you design your own personal style by directing you in what it takes for you to look like the best ‘you’ possible from top to tail; wardrobe, accessories and how to marry your best personal style with classic looks and modern trends.

We’ll give you insights on what is acceptable etiquette and what are the required best moves in any social situation, and then we delve even deeper.

We explore the importance of having values and a strong belief in yourself – possibly the best secret to success – because gents remember, your self attitude determines your life altitude. We offer you a comprehensive understanding on how to affirm your unique and amazing male spirit, how to recognise the different roles you play in life and how to stir up your confidence about your own distinctiveness.

MSP book cover

The STYLE POWER e-book – is a step by step, simple and easy to use reference and guide filled with strongly illustrated tips and tricks to give you a visual idea of what and how you can pull a great style look together.

Part 1 of STYLE POWER – The Book, addresses a wide range of issues that begin with the basics of style – how to pull together the pieces that make up the ABC of a man’s wardrobe for an affordable price.

The books then taps into the style secrets of some of the world’s strongest and top male icons – CEOs, presidents, artists, entrepreneurs – each of them a man’s man – to help you develop the best possible strategies to help you kick-start your style.

PART 2 addresses the crucial aspect of the inner man  – because STYLE is defined not just by the clothes you’re in but the man in YOU. If you’re ready to open yourself up to a world of success, then STYLE POWER is for you.


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