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The Stockbroker’s Boot

Remember playing with your Tonka Trucks as a child, and secretly wanting to be a truck driver when you grew up but your Father wanted you to become like him; A teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a stockbroker? All you could think about while you lay awake at night was slamming that truck into seventh gear and shooting off down the highway like a bat out of hell…Toy Story 3 moved you because you resonated with having to give away your favourite toy; your truck. Fast forward to the present and nothing’s really changed. Your girlfriend excites you because she loves the sound of a V12 engine, of a truck; you love the chase, you love the hunt and you love having power under your feet like a Mack Truck.

So before I get off the beaten track reminiscing about my childhood dreams, we are here to talk about a truck. The long haul semi-trailer homestead that travels across the dirt and dust of Australia as it moves its retail concept store from State to State. Innovative! Since its launch in August 2001, the Longhorn Express, a semi-trailer that thunders down the outback of the Australian deserts, has travelled more than 100,000km and visited premier rural events including the Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne Royal Agricultural shows; the International Horse Trials in Adelaide, field days at Orange & Murrumbateman; The Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. This semi-trailer belongs to a legacy. And that legacy is R.M Williams.

R.M Williams began in 1932 by a man who loved making bush saddlery and boots while camped out in the wilderness of South Australia. You can imagine this strapping young lad as a skilled rider on the back of a Brumby, galloping down mountain slopes even Tom Cruise wouldn’t dare to attempt and pass onto the stunt man. Anyways…R.M.Williams not only likes to make the highest quality stockman boot, that are worn by stock-men and stockbrokers all over world, (no joke), they also love their gear.

So for you blokes out there who have no idea of what a homestead is, it’s literally like a 5 star hotel on 24 wheels. You might see these trucks called Highways, Titans, Bulldogs, Heavy Haulers, PowerTrains, Constructors, Monsters and Loaders flogging down the highway doing ridiculous speeds; All masculine, powerful and compelling. Am I tempting you to go and get your A grade International drivers licence to be able to control one of these Godzilla’s across the desert at 200 kms an hour? Heck, my girlfriend would want to drive one of these at 200 miles an hour across the desert! There is something about power and speed that gets a humans’ heart pumping. And don’t say it doesn’t! You know it does. Semi-trailers, or Macks to be direct have intimidating power. They display a dominant chrome grille surrounded by impressive one of a kind filters to complete it’s Terminator like sleek lines and long hoot. It’s awe-inspiring and grabs stares at every turn. But back to the story.

R.M.Williams boots are sourced by men all over the world. When a gent visits Australia, they are seeking a retail outlet to buy a couple of boots (that look good brand new or distressed and last years) before they return to their origin. This is a good investment. Why? Because buying anything outside its place of manufacture costs you more, almost triple. And that’s why MSP like the online retail stores as you’re not buying into the middle man, but we also endorse the boutiques because they have the vision to buy good quality and unique items.

So back to the boot. R.M Williams boot making has a world wide reputation. Born in 1908 on a farm in mid-north South Australia since the age of 16 Reginald Murray Williams AO worked through more careers than there are stitches on his brand-name boots. Camel boy, drover, well digger, bootmaker, miner, businessman, historian, author and leatherworker just to name the main ones.

Having worked on some of the great pastoral runs, no one knew better than R.M. what men who were born in the saddle wanted when it came to footwear. He began his footwear factory in 1932 in an iron woodshed behind his father’s house and over the following decades, R.M. developed his business, diversifying into bush saddlery, equipment and the company’s trademark moleskins, jeans and bush shirts.

The Boots alone has given him his international acclaim for brilliant craftsmanship, comfort and authenticity. Have a gawk at a couple of his original styles. Ones that you know you won’t be disappointed in when the trends change, or the markets fall. R.M Williams will never disappoint, oh, maybe only in one area….he’s sold out of your size.



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