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The Quintessential Englishman; Paul Smith

I must say I love Paul Smith. From the logo to the colours, to the designs of his ranges – he is the quintessential Englishman. The typography of his written name (which by the way is everywhere on his product), is involving and present. The ‘less is more’ feel to his casual wear suddenly is lit up by the insides of jackets that are candy-striped or printed with eclectic images of cars, strips or flowers. Maybe even cameras. But the world of colour vs minimal palettes is where this man wants to be.  And the world agrees with him.

Smith left school at the age of 15, a member of Beeston Road Club his only ambition was to become a racing cyclist until his father hauled him off to work at a clothing warehouse. Smith had no real interest in his work during his first two years there except for the cycle journey to and from his home. A terrible cycling accident put an end to his cycling ambitions, and it was only then that Smith’s career in fashion design began. Six months in hospital followed and during this time Smith made some new friends. After leaving hospital he arranged to meet them all at a local pub that was popular with art students. It was then that Paul Smith knew he wanted to be part of this colourful world of ideas and excitement.

From then to today, Paul Smith invests into 12 different collections; They cover menswear, womenswear, jeans, Paul Smith London, R.Newbold (Japan only), accessories, shoes, fragrance, watches, pens, furniture, Paul Smith rugs, china, spectacles, the famous pinstripe suiting, and ‘things’.

Things. It totally rocks that Paul Smith just makes ‘things’. There’s no effort, no pretense, he just makes… ‘things’. I guess this is the point where I got it. That seasons and fashion trends and the need for ‘it’s so hot right now’ fell right off the cutting table in this world we call Fashion. Because Paul Smith is just doing what he loves, making what he likes, approving what fits his eye for design, in the world that permits him to express.

So from the HQ of MenStylePower, we give you permission men of the world, to start breathing in the new ‘you’ by having the courage to recognise what resonates with you. So – Enjoy this short lil’ blog with images of Paul’s latest collection off the runways. Get inspired!


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