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The Power-Suit is back!

As for style-watches, Wall Street 2; Money never Sleeps, is keeping us all on the edge of our seats, and why? Beyond the return of Mr. Douglas, we are all very curious to see how money can dress men.

Whether you have the dollars or not, power suiting for men is as intriguing as couture is to woman. It won’t necessarily make it to your daily wardrobe, but it is an aspirational and eye-brow raising event either personally or through gossip.

So let’s get one point straight. Tailoring is as necessary to bankers as is the millions of dollars they make…daily. Luxury accessories such as Gucci loafers and Hermes ties speak volumes in a world where the contradiction between a flimsy financial market and the stand out King, which is Cash, are head to head as in a mountain goat slam on!

Testosterone will never be as high as on the floor of Wall Street. Okay, well maybe adding to that is football, soccer and anything that shows off either physical or intellectual power. Wall Street engages competitive needs that to go over and beyond in every component of a bankers life. And yep, you guessed it; one area in particular is suiting.

Buying off the rack suiting in this multi-million dollar arena is almost a dirty word. Ha, but we love it! Yet, bespoke suits is the Willy Wonka’s golden ticket as bankers try to out do each other with design, detail, textile and style. They have personal shirtmakers, and tailors, and believe it or not, a suit, as is a signet ring, tells plenty about the wearer. The young character, Shia LaBeouf wears a single breasted suit that spells upward mobility, anchored by traditional luxury brands such as Gucci. Stig of Style is lovin’ this!

Getting into the excessiveness of the money word, prior to the GFC, bankers could literally have what ever they wanted. They felt distinguished. They were a breed of their own; and had wealthy banker style. Mohair blended suits by Yves Saint Laurent Gucci – velvet blazers, silk knits, tuxedo pants and patent leather loafers; none of this was uncommon to buy on a weekly basis.

So what does one do, when you have all the money that fashion can buy, but so does the next guy? As we’ve been writing about for a good year now; you get STYLE. And individual signature piece and wear it repetitiously!

Gekko’s updated style complete with a taste for purple hues and handkerchiefs, arrives at an interesting juncture for menswear. In 2010 menswear has started to get its mojo back as a younger generation has taken to dressing for attention. A recent NY Time’s story on menswear commented that today the well off 55 yr old is likely to be the worst-dressed man in the room as a younger generation embraces the suited up madman look.

In fact, Wall Street 2 comes at an opportune time for men to rediscover the pleasure of power-dressing. As for the sequel’s potential to match the original in terms of impact on menswear, we hope that Gekko and the boys will offer some alternatives to the one designer head to toe look scenario, and encourage handkerchiefs, lighter colours, signature pieces for the individual and confidence! Style has no borders.

For suits & shoes:

For handkerchiefs and pocket-squares:


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