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The New Subculture: SteamPunk

We all want to find those style items that say something significant about us. The MSP crew tend to buy items that have a connection with the individual; be it a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry or a watch. Something inside of us says “YES! That’s me”, and alas, the wallet opens with no guilt. You know what you’ve just purchased will stay with you for a long time. It might even be passed down through generations. A legacy.

Searching through new and old trends, we came across a little subculture called steampunk that’s been growing steadily around us since the eighties, yet it remains largely unseen. This is likely due to the fact that it’s not a product of teen-angst or based on a genre of music, and therefore hasn’t been exploited for commercial gain. (Much like MSP).

Steampunk is about simultaneously embracing the past, present and future by combining science and technology with the sensibilities of the past-particularly the dress and artefacts from the Victorian era – though inspirations vary with the individual. Combining the past, present and future is a very steady energetic position. As technology pulls us forward, we want to keep out footing by engaging in something nostalgic and personal. Keeping it near us. And I couldn’t think of a more appropriate designer to talk about than Ricky Wolbrom from EDM Designs, NYC. (Guys, just a quick note; Ricky is a girl).

Like other subcultures, steampunk manifests its unique point of view in aesthetics, such as lush costumery and the invention of unusual hybrid objects. Recently there’s been a surge of steampunk accessories, handmade by enthusiasts with a flair for proper craftsmanship and a knack for sussing out things like vintage aviator goggles and old pocket watches to harvest for their hardware and tiny mechanical parts. While the full-on steampunk look is reserved for the true die-hard, anyone can infuse their look with a bit of its charm thanks to innovative designers like EDM Designs who take the antiquated and make it something you’ve never seen before – and most importantly, something you’ve likely never imagined.

Ricky’s designs and jewelry pieces touch the spirit of those with an appreciation for the lifestyle and old world adornments of the vintage eras. Influenced by her utmost respect for the brilliant and skilled craftmanship of vintage watch movements, master artisans of yesteryear hand created these intricate and fascinating little worlds of synchronicity and artistic beauty. To be able to repurpose them and allow these mini-landscapes of art find new life in today’s times gives her tremendous pleasure.

Most of Ricky’s designs feature fine watch pieces from the mid to late 1800’s and into the early 1940’s. And we think these pieces are Steam Hot!

To give you an example of how much work goes into each of these pieces check out the below description.

This necklace begins with a gorgeous GOLD vintage pocket watch movement with exquisite gears and details. Mounted to one portion of the pocket watch is an antique brass Victorian button with a very cool triangle motif. Mounted across another portion of this timepiece is an awesome ALLIGATOR finding in a brass finish that blends with the pocket watch movement perfectly. Together all of the elements combine to make an extremely striking Steampunk pendant necklace. This piece will have everyone talking and make your friends jealous. Measuring approximately 1-3/4 inches in diameter and the maximum width including the alligator’s tail is approximately 2-1/4 inches wide. The pendant hangs from a really gorgeous VINTAGE brass curb chain that is thick and masculine. It measures approximately 20 inches in length and closes with a lobster claw clasp.


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