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The LightCycle Fantastic

Most of us probably can’t plunk down the US$55,000 required to procure a street legal Tron Lightcycle, but there are more than a few budget friendlier Tron consumables for the rabid fan. I love Tron, and I wish Disney would send me any and everything Tron related. Unfortunately, they haven’t. But I must say that I am sitting here blogging whilst listening to the soundtrack mastered by Daft Punk. Sweeeetttt! It’s powerful, it’s determined and it’s loud. Real loud. So much so I think the neighbours are getting a little peeved.

What it is about the humble motorcycle that becomes a part of every man’s life who encounters one from a young age? I recall as a young kiddo watching my Uncle ride, and thinking nothing more than to have my legs to grow long enough to be able to take over that Harley for the afternoon and screeeeech down the highway like a bat out of hell, reaching over 200km an hour. Yeeeeehaaaa!!!!

Nothing moves the monster in me more than a motorcycle. Oh wait, I do have something that could possibly top that one – my girlfriend allowing me to have a duck egg blue 1974 vintage Ducati in the warehouse lounge-room, so I can look at it all day. Ah, sigh, dream on.

So in honour of the most accessible of monsters you can own, we need to hand it to Jamison, who reside in Massachusetts and runs a Visual Blog where he posts all things Luxurious! Jamison, we dig you mate, we’re on the same wavelength. Cheers. And ride on!


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