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The Habits of Stylish Men

Classic Must!

Classic Must!


Trends are all well and good—some of them are even worth paying attention to (this season’s oversized coat trend, for instance, isn’t likely to have gone anywhere by next winter)—but on the whole it’s far more sensible, not to mention stylish, to invest in key items that transcend seasonal fashions (no, those leopard-print pony skin boots you just bought don’t count). A solid pair of slim indigo jeans, a beautifully cut white Oxford shirt and an impeccably tailored navy wool blazer, will always look sharp, so spend your cash on them.

The red sole, Louboutin's

The red sole, Louboutin’s


What’s the first thing you look at when you meet someone for the first time? That’s right, their shoes. If an employee turned up to a meeting wearing a pair of scuffed-up trainers with a passable suit, you’d probably sack them on the spot. If, on the other hand, they were wearing a pair of immaculately polished monk straps with some slightly dodgy chinos and a T-shirt, (kinda dig this look)  you’d most likely give them the benefit of the doubt. A pair of beautifully made, expensive looking shoes will cover a multitude of sins.

Take note of the British men's style code

Take note of the British men’s style code


No matter how much you spend or how beautiful the fabrics, if your clothes are cut badly, they will look terrible. Take a look at some of the bankers around you.  Your jacket should be nipped in at the waist, your trousers gently tapered at the hem and your collar a finger width away from the nape of your neck. Basic rules. And if you’ve a little tummy after your Christmas festivities, get to the gym. Nothing is worse than ill fitting clothes.

Tinker Tailor

Tinker Tailor


Once you’ve found a pair of trousers that fit you well, the last thing you want to do is spend hours traipsing around the shops trying to find a replacement pair when the crotch starts to give. Keeping your clothes and shoes in good nick and getting them repaired when they start to fall apart is not only environmentally friendly (pretty stylish in itself), it will also give you an artfully worn-in look—a bit like Bill Nighy. What’s more, wearing shiny new clothes at every opportunity has the propensity to make you look a bit like a footballer, which nobody wants.

No designer cuts to a perfect 42 every time so making sure you go to a tailor and get pieces perfected will avoid making you look slovenly and careless. Find yourself a good alterations tailor and take everything you buy straight to him. That way you will always look sharp, however much, or little, you spend. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how affordable the service is.

It may just be a jacket to you, but to your peers - it's art!

It may just be a jacket to you, but to your peers – it’s art! 


In the land of patterns and textures, some dudes just don’t have an eye for style, so we highly recommend working ‘tonally’ with your styled attire. Quality also equals classic and timeless pieces, some with a modern edge – still making sure that it will do its work over several seasons. Materials are also very important when choosing signature pieces for your wardrobe. Some fabrics will kill the look of a jacket, for example one beautifully cut but made from pigeon-grey nylon will not be redeemed by its shape. A high-quality wool, cotton or cashmere from a proper British, French or Italian mill will hide unsightly lumps and bumps, last the test of time without becoming shiny, and age far better than synthetics (in terms of comfort, primarily).

Be Prepared

Be Prepared


Though it might sound like a bit of a faff (and more the behavior of a savant than a stylish man), preparing your outfit the night before will prevent untold hassle the next morning. I cannot tell you what relief you will get from doing this. What’s more, it will guarantee that your get-up looks considered, rather than thrown together. We have some readers who photograph all of their matching pieces as to not stress out when they’re rushing to an evening event. And if you’ve read our latest post on Ryan Seacrest, all of his suits have the pocket square, belts, matching accessories and shoes all neatly laid out with each connecting suit – perhaps that is why he looks immaculate each time we see him? Outfitting is also imperative when packing—not least to save you space in your suitcase.

The devil is in the detail, and she looks at it.

The devil is in the detail, and she looks at it.


You know that famous Australian phrase, “if you throw enough shit at a wall, some of it’ll stick”? (Gotta love that Aussie subtlety), well believe it or not, that doesn’t apply to your clothing. For men, when it comes to dressing, less is usually more. Wearing a bow tie, pocket square, waistcoat AND tie bar will not make you look more stylish—it will do the opposite. (Not in all cases of course) So When you take on the ‘Less is More’ behaviour, make sure each of your ‘less’ pieces, have incredible detail.

Good under, great clothes horse. Go to the gym. Do it.

Good under, great clothes horse. Go to the gym. Do it.


Wearing good quality underwear will make you feel more confident. You wouldn’t wear a sweat-stained, drawer-crumpled shirt to the office would you? Treat your pants with the same care that you afford the rest of your wardrobe. And if you’re still in doubt on how important this is…next time your girlfriend is wearing her matching CK underwear, and then is wearing her non matching – I don’t care – just thrown it on underwear, see how your ‘desire barometer’ runs. In addition, follow Tom Ford’s lead and ”throw away your old socks and underwear every six months”.

Get a hair cutter who understands your face shape

Get a hair cutter who understands your face shape


Even if it’s only for a day or two, that fluffy-around-the-edges “bad hair day” look will negate all the good hair days you’ve had beforehand. Block book your haircuts with a barber who you trust, well in advance. Every six weeks or so should do the trick. Or like Stylemeister, get your wife to do the buzz cutting! No kidding. We had a funny conversation with one of our crew the other week, and apparently your favourite hair cut is the one you got laid the most! What say you?


We hate to say it, but if you don’t much care for clothes and you dislike getting dressed in the morning, the likelihood is that you’ll never be truly stylish. The key to dressing well and looking good is all about the pleasure you take in the process, and unless you relish every moment, you might as well give up now. Furthermore, being stylist is a way of life – you’ll see it evolve in your home, your car, your food and the places you like to take a whisky. We suggest getting a style board, pinning up all the things that you want and aspire to, and then looking at where you are now. Does anything match? No? Well get onto it then!


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