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The Elegant Pocket-Square; Mark of the Gentleman

Today we have many a man tie-less – only wearing jackets. Now, in the world of suiting, this is definitely perceived as being a little under-dressed. Do we care? Yes and No.

There are a few accessories that men have the ability to go ape with, and one of them is the trusty pocket-square. A silk one is best used to add that dash of colour, and due to its light weight (opposed to cotton or wool) folds beautifully or scrunches perfectly into the breast pocket. Changing your pocket square when you change your tie and shirt, gives freshness and allures attention.

Ties, as we have mentioned previously in our articles, have always been seen as a formal, work orientated statement, and given the gents may wear these day in and day out at the office, the weekend calls for them to be relaxed, chic and easy on the throat. Open dress shirts, or buttoned shirt are always a seductive look for men, and ask any divine creature of the opposite sex, this is also a calling card to a man’s erogenous zone, the throat. It attracts her. So make sure you are wearing your favourite fragrance and your chest hair is in place.

Sawaggg-er! Kanye doning the elegant pocket square

A pocket square, or pochette as the French would say, is a perfect accessory to not wearing a tie, but still it finishes the look perfectly in the manner of beauty, elegance and relaxed attire. You don’t need things to be structured. As you can see below, mixing textures, prints and colors is acceptable (to those with fashion courage) and for those gents who are just starting out with matching a pochette with a jacket, start with bold colors and prints.

A couple of gents, strolling, chatting, looking elegantly FLY.

Finding it hard to start on how this look should be completed? Well, look for a block colour, and within the colour palette that you’re comfortable wearing. Now if you’re wearing a pink shirt that is more on the pale side, then fashion a pochette that is slightly darker. This gives the look a more gradient style, and people will perceive that you’ve given your casual jacket look a lot of thought. We like that!

To make a formal statement, always choose a light colour like; cream, crème, beige, white, grey, silver. These colours as you would guess, are always associate with a formal dining experience, a wedding or an official gathering.

Above: A safe look and a regular one. Mr Dapper here is in his expensive suit, with plain colours to accessorise. All looks immaculate and stylish. A dark navy or a black suit (without stripes) can last you ten years, as long as you have made sure it’s tailored to your body. Nothing is worse than an ill-fitting suit.

Relaxed and casual pocket-squaring.

The whole feel of the pochette is about being dressed up and looking slightly imperfect. One way to set you apart, is to not fold the pochette like a paper plane that you use to meticulous fold to make sure the aerodynamics gave it the best chance of flying further than your brothers. The pochette is a charming accessory, which adds to your overall look of eyebrow raising socialites who will see the complete stylin’ of your attire – damn good fashion sense.

The pocket square works out of a formal environment as well.

And Ps: We really like this statement: Wikipedia: A handkerchief (also called handkercher or hanky) is a form of a kerchief, typically a hemmed square of thin fabric that can be carried in the pocket or purse, and which is intended for personal hygiene purposes such as wiping one’s hands or face used as a purely decorative accessory in a suit pocket.

There is so much history to the humble pocket square, alas nowadays pocket squares are a common fashion accessory throughout the world. It has become the mark of the GENTLEMAN. Initially popular in western Europe and the US, the pocket square is now a piece of formal fashion accessory in almost any part of the world. Whether you are invitied for a black tie event calling for a tuxedo and bow tie, or have a business meeting that requres a suit and tie, or as seen above – you want to add something original to your casual attire,the pocket square adds elegance to your look.

PPS: if you want some cheeky and naughty hankies/pocket square: visit – ye-out!

Grabbing some attention. Well deserved.

Taking formal to the limit.

Casual jeans, boots, scarf and pocket square. Usher dude!

And the GQ crew.


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