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The Colourful Duo – DSquared2

Colour can be a dangerous thing. I like to compare it to your mood. Of course, when you’re feeling gleeful, or pumped, or psyched – you’re going to ‘up’ your colours in your wardrobe. On go those sunburnt orange Nikes, or the Nixon watch that has the colourful face. Yet, if you’re feeling flat, then hello greys, the blacks and the well – the blacker blacks. Scorpion black, Oil black and Devil Black. You are more than likely going to emanate your mood through your clothing. Fine if this is a weekend and you’re around your nearest and dearest, but if you’re showing this off at work, an interview, a date or where someone can judge you; then take heed.

Many years ago I came across a great girl whose mother specialised in colours. Okay I’m thinking painter, graphic designer, British paints palette forecaster. But no. She truly believed that various colours represented power. Well it makes sense in some cultures. Gangs are represented by colours, an army is represented by colour, and wearing camouflage is not classified as a fashion statement in the corps. So these colours  have a meaning and a reason behind wearing them.

There are a few designers who really do well with incorporating colours into every look. Ralph Lauren with his Polo range, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, and DSquared2. Clever little artists.

Tonight my attention turns to the dynamic duo, DSquared2. Twins they are, these handsome chaps. And the more I look into their collections the more I am perplexed that family members can actually make a business work without too much trouble in a heightened emotional sense.

Dean and Dan Caten (born Dean and Dan Catenacci) Canadian creative fraternity design duo are identical twin brothers, fashion designers, founders and owners of the DSQUARED2, an international fashion house. Twins are famous for churning out collection of punky-yet-tailored, quirky-yetpulled-together men’s wear that embody the spirit of bored-rock-star. Although the Catens have spent the past decade designing their line to be more real-life than ritz, it’s this very essence that had attracted fans such as Lenny Kravitz, Karl Lagerfeld, Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin.

Dean and Dan Caten (The Designers, twins)

So you see, this dynamic duo were destined to coordinate the colour palette and the add that bit of zing to the men’s wardrobe arena.

We think they’re cool. We like what we see when the outfits have an ‘edge’ to them and these twin blokes get the thumbs up.


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