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The Chic Designs of Tatsuro Horikawa

Julius – Fall/Winter 2011 art and fashion.

If you’ve been following MenStylePower for a while, you will note that we’re keen to offer information around the world of fashion, that styling is more than just a US$100 t-shirt. We are also keen to give you alternatives to the premium and exclusive products so that you can buy a more realistic priced item, if you don’t have a flexible budget. Besides, mixing value garments with luxury items seems to be the norm today.

We’d like to highlight a designer who is not in the top 10, but has incredible artistic collection to offer. He is also very different, so won’t suit everyone, but we think he is tops!

Introducing to you Julius; by Tatsuro Horikawa.

Julius is a Japanese fashion label run and designed by Tatsuro Horikawa. The label focuses on presenting a wide array of Gothic inspired clothing, utilizing the color black extensively to explore its meaning in both Avant Garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life. His inspiration and beliefs are key to the collection and tend to be loved my like-minded individuals, as Horikawa draws from his admiration to the Medieval themes.

Julius, an elegant flagship that looks like a museum for the uber-cool

Much like an artist, designers cover a range of influences and research prior to creating their collections. Here we see Julius sifting through palettes of colour swatches, textiles, primal thinking, instinct and psychology.

There is a new utility of styling that collides with aged ‘organic’ finishings to create a tough and timeless aesthetic. You will hear the words, ‘organic’ and ‘timeless’ a lot in the years to come, and I would suspect they will stay as our generations become more determined to push social circles into an eco-friendly purchasing habit, as well as the word ‘timeless’, making sure we still have that sense of ‘familiarity’ to calm the fears that we are racing forward too quickly.

Emotionally tied to historical events, Julius replicates honour and horror – the bullet bracelet.

Believe it or not, a sense of the spiritual always comes into designers imagination when it comes to their collections. They take from every element we see daily and also from moods to integrate this into their concepts. Sources of inspiration and beauty are present, as we all know ‘dressing’ is an emotional decision as well as a practical one.

What we really like about the Julius label, is if you’re a computer geek, and a PlayStation champ, his clothing fits right in with your ethos. The heavy booting, the leathers, distressed Japanese denims, (some of the best in the world), the original writings screen-printed onto cloth, scarves, t-shirts and jeans all add that rebellious feel to the fashion world is extremely appealing to one that lives in the digital world.

Heavy boots are a large element of the Julius label.

Black is the base for all creations in the Julius line, and most clothing does not branch out much further. The idea of madness and grief that black symbolizes often appears in Horikawa’s work in the form of drooping strap, narrow legged pants, and heavy boots. The collections take their cues from a more mature, upscale clothing as its base, including trench-coats, tuxedo jackets, and slacks.

Because Julius began as an art project, the clothing is a secondary aspect, changing annually to reflect the direction in which Horikawa takes the label. His work utilizes a great deal of underground imagery and artistic expressions with heavy black leather as a common material. It reminds us of Assassin, Hero, Call of Duty and more realistic games that men find appealing – adapting the warrior/hero/hunter male archetype into fashion and into real life dressing.

Artistic commentary screen printed onto Julius collection.

Designer Tatsuro Horikawa has created a collection like nothing we’ve seen. He has incorporated intelligent and emotional art, to fashion, to accessories, to screen printing, jewelery, literature and audio/visual projects. But what has impressed us even more, is he lives and breathes his creations not for a commercial value, but for the true essence to its existence.

Note: He started his own design company in 1996 with Third Stone Co. Ltd, followed the following year by his first fashion label, Nuke. The label was a large success but lasted only until his next major project was undertaken in Julius, started in 2001 as an art project to present audio and video presentations for Spring/Summer collections and art shows. The label grew from there becoming a full fledged fashion project that coincides with artistic endeavors from Horikawa.

An authentic Goth neck chain inscribed with detail…

Dog tags by Julius

W-Rider leather jacket by Julius.


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