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The Bluebeards Revenge – Winner Best Grooming Product


Men’s grooming products are high on the agenda as Gents start to realise….they actually work!

A couple of years ago, men’s grooming products were growing at a record rate. Not only were they growing in terms of the number of male-specific products introduced, but men were also increasingly choosing and buying their own personal care products. Sorry Mum, this job for you is over!

Gents, you dig using hair gel, aftershave, moisturiser, shower gel, deodorants and shampoo….but the biggest spend was on moisturiser with an 86% increase.

Our shaving friends, The Bluebeards Revenge, sent us some cool products to review. They’ve claimed the title of the ultimate shaving and grooming products for real men. They add in REAL as we’re talking about Gents who have major shaving problems due to stubborn stubble. Yup, and there’s a few of them out there. Thus the incredible growth our mates have experienced over the last four years. Congrats!

The brand’s beard reducing shaving cream (100ml) won the award for Best Grooming Product of 2013 for FHM.

BB shaving cream

Yes but how does the product perform, and not just draw focus from its outstanding masculine-looking packaging?

Answer: AWESOME!

We tried the Cooling moisturiser: Our guinea pig, Michael commented that the natural “manly” ingredients – prickly pear, stinging nettle and jojoba oil, helped his dry skin and reduced irritation, making it a calming and soothing way to follow up after his shave – to kiss his girlfriend. LOL!

The Bluebeards Revenge shaving products actively reduce beard growth; tackle the discomfort of razor rash and burn whilst reducing lumps and bumps for the problem shaver. We’ve plenty of those down under in The Land of Oz….

We dare you!

We dare you!

What we found most pleasing, is Bluebeards range has developed extensively since entering the market in 2010 adding new products and ingredients giving some fair competition in the market. We all know how confusing it is to research shaving products as there are thousands out there. Not only is Blueheards Revenge serious about the best shaving products on the planet, but they’re also very serious about supporting Orchid, which is their favoured charity, fighting male cancer (testicular, prostate and penile).

Gents, we all know how loyal we are when it comes to finding a product that we like, and not only in a tangible sense, but also in an emotional sense.

Thumbs up from us here at MenStylePower!

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Eco-Warrior Deodorant

Eco-Warrior Deodorant


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