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The Best Summer Colours for Men!

Viktor & Rolf met while studying fashion & some would say a duo made in heaven, as the two look almost like identical twins separate at birth! So post graduation they began working together & relocated to Paris in 1993 to launch their careers. Rock on!

But before we get into the basis of their partnership, their latest collection for men is just WOW. Take sandstone linen suits, double breasted and striking and you have got yourself a winner. Match them back with gradient eyewear and sandals on a hot summers day & you’ll be pulling focus. V&R aren’t afraid to experiment with a little draw-string either. Some macho guys do like the finer detail no matter how small, and V&R are clever with this. Colours for summer include a latte drawstring pants with lemon chord, short-sleeved white cotton shirt matched back with a thin tie and wait for it, mushroom patent leather shoes. V&R’s leather jackets are in dessert sand, their cargo pants are khaki and sandals in tan. We love their use of royal blues against almost blue/grey cardigans as well as their blue suede shoes. Now don’t laugh, they are one of their best selling items. There must be some symbolic link to feeling like a King there!

As most designers do, the boys commenced their hard work designing shapes and silhouettes around a woman’s body. Basing their first collection ‘Hyères’ (1993) on distortion, reconstruction and layering won three prizes at the Salon Europeen des Jeunes Stylistes at the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie. These guys weren’t happy with settling with the mediocre or following the masses, they were keen to bulldoze down the yellow brick road of obscurity and subsequently their presentation of four collections in experimental art spaces led them in 1998 to show their first Haute Couture collection to outstanding applause. These guys meant business!

Viktor & Rolf launched their menswear line ‘Monsieur’ was in 2003, modelled entirely by Viktor & Rolf in a mirrored performance. The Viktor & Rolf range has since grown to include shoes, accessories and eyewear.

Viktor & Rolf have collaborated with a number of other well known brands including Samsonite (2009), Piper Heidsieck (2007) for the iconic upside down bottle and, in 2006, the line for high street chain H&M which greatly extended their appeal to the general public. The Stig is proud to say that he’s got some pieces!

Please enjoy their latest outfits – everything but Black, which I dig, because we all know the easiest colour to wear is the dark knight, but every now and then, a designer does lattes, creams and beige’s very well. Viktor & Rolf – rock on dudes!

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