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That Effortless Cool in Men’s Styling

You don’t need to be born in Europe to have effortless ‘Style’.

Many dudes we’ve knocked into have this je ne sais quoi – which in French means, ‘I don’t know what’. And as we’d say in the USA, ‘I don’t know what it is, but…’ – It’s a state of mind, an attitude. It is an intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive. And well, we all want to be attractive no?

As the staff of menstylepower pour through collections, new and distinct, heritage and established, we see something emerging which is exciting and full of anticipation for our world of blogging, and the world of designing.

Many designers in the mid-market, like Zara and Topman, (as you’d know) take their inspiration from well known luxury houses like Gucci and Hermes. And as they do this, we’re seeing styles and collection more accessible to those who care about how they look.

Gents, more than ever, have the ability to dress to impress without taking out a mortgage on their wardrobe. And this is exciting. And it also means, Gents don’t have any excuse anymore for dressing shabby; unless it’s the look you’re trying to achieve.

The catalog of pictures we’re about to show you below, won’t have any designer tag to them. You won’t know if they are Chanel, Hermes, Corneliani, Nike, Bally, Camper or Salvatore Ferragamo. But what you will know, is they are good clothes, that are ‘styled’ in a certain way to make the wearer ‘uber-chic’. Now how do you do this? Ah, that’s where stylists come in.

Have you seen Advertising Campaigns for designer houses? Well beyond the immaculate tailoring, you’ll see a certain way the clothing is draped or placed on the man’s silhouette. This is styling. This is what we do. Visually, digitally and physically. So let’s take a look at some of the ways the guys in these images have effortlessly dressed themselves to give that Je Ne Sais Quoi!!!

Sometimes you just want to say, ‘How effing cool is that!’. There. We’ve just said it.

Effortless Chic to us stands for the unexpected. If it’s tailored, scruff it up a bit, if it’s meant to be ironed, don’t. If you’re suppose to coordinate it, don’t. If it clashes, do it. This is the sort of unexpected ‘wow factor’ we’re talking about.

In the above styling, we’re loving the clash of paisley (pocket square) and gingham (jacket). Dude also hasn’t ironed the while shirt underneath, which also had no collar. The sleeves are rolled up roughly which adds to the chicness of this look. The strap across his chest looks like a slimline belt that’s meant to go around one’s waist, but he’s done something else with it. He’s personalised it to the look. Freakin awesome!

Here’s an example of being effortless in your very casual wear as well. Not only is it easy to do when you’re layering suiting, you can do so with your casual or sporting attire. Take dude above for example. We all know wearing ‘no socks’ is the trend of the hour, but you must invest in leather or a natural fibre to make sure your feet don’t sweat. Blisters are a pain. The no sock wearing, slim line pants, vest, t-shirt, sweatshirt and cargo jacket is top notch. The colour pallette here is also a gem, when it comes to the unexpected. I mean lavender pants? Hello. But it works doesn’t it.

Effortless chic as we’ve noted above can be about layering. It’s also about minimalist dressing. Trousers, jumper, watch, belt and slick shoes. What we see here, is the colour blocking where the grey is pulling focus and it’s toned back with the tan belt and two-tone expensive shoes. All these pieces could be from a value retailer (except the shoes) and you wouldn’t know it. MSP know it….

Track pants with a nana’s cardy? Yes! Stand out pieces here are the combat boots and the bag. The scarf is not traditionally tied. It’s folded under the cardy, and hanging out the bottom of the shirt area. The collar of the cardigan is folded on one side, the pants are slightly tucked into the boots and the bag looks like it’s the most expensive item of the lot.

No socks makes the whole look more effortless. And it looks like he’s got no cufflinks either. Leaving he french cuff hanging loose. I knew a Gent in London who use to do this all the time. He’d roll the shirt sleeve from half way up his arm so he wouldn’t get the cuff in his soup, but it gave this masculine ‘I don’t care’ feeling about his attire. It started a bit of a trend. The look here is distressed and tailored in one. But pieces are missing that you’d expect to be part of the look.

The main focus here is how the cardigan isn’t done up through the bottom of the buttons. The sleeves are rolled up, there’s no belt, the shoes are distressed and the tie has one accessory. A clip. Great colour coordination yet it’s not too prim and proper. I mean, blue and green should never be seen right?

So Gents, here’s some inspiration to get your ‘style mind’ going. Study the images below and see what stands out as ‘unusual to the expected tailoring’. Now go and be brave. Try some yourself!


MSP Team.


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