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TEN PIECES @MBFW Australia Menswear

TEn Pieces models runway

The anticipation for this particular Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week menswear runway was high.

MenStylePower was privy to a small collection just days before at an innovative retail space in Paddington, where the Ten Pieces stand was tucked away in a corner among the dominating womenswear comrades. But the concept that the collection was something small and hidden was soon to be smashed to pieces when you realised where the Ten Pieces Runway was going to be.

Iceberg’s is an iconic (and we don’t use that word often in the MenStylePower HQ) and well known Sydney hot spot and has been for over a decade now. Besides exceptional food, an intimate setting it holds the most spectacular view, day and night, of the Bondi beach sweep and raging ocean. The smell of the fresh air alone will send you into an elevated state of being.

Iceberg’s is owned by Maurice Terzini who opened his first venture at the age of 23. Terzini is also the designer behind Ten Pieces. Terzini’s first venture, Caffe e Cucina on Melbourne’s then undiscovered Chapel Street, radically altering perceptions and conventions around the dining scene at the time, offering high-end quality in a café setting. We should know as in 1994 our Style Director, Louise Edmonds was living in South Yarra and frequented Caffe e Cucina bi-weekly. With Terzini’s vision then, it’s no wonder that he’s now the forefront of the Australian culinary landscape, thanks to his gift for dreaming the big picture and executing it, often ahead of his time and breaking ground in ideas, style and locations. The Ten Pieces runway was no exception.

The Ten Pieces concept is about clever design and layering, intended to mix and match you can wear one piece or ten pieces with each layer creating outfits from street to chic. The day ran well behind, which in fashion land creates massive pressure for the designer because the only real way to escape unforgivable criticism is to produce something that will be talked about for the years to come. And well, Terzini did it.

With pounding heat from the sun at 30 degrees most celebrities and patrons were starting to melt away and scattering for the shadows and a bottle of Santa Vittoria. The music was ambient with whale calls and environmental ticks tacks as the watch hand sashayed on to being 45 minutes behind schedule.

And then they arrived. And the camera drone was released into the air. The music turned dark with euro trance percussion urging your feet to tap and the crowd fell silent. Behind the models were the ever famous Bondi surfers, crashing waves, piercing blue skies and a very very successful collection.


10PIECES-MBFWA-top umbrellas



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