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Suits to fit ANY Shape or Size – #Institchu

The Ryan Gosling Blue Tuxedo

The Ryan Gosling Blue Tuxedo

It’s no secret that Men like to shop online.

In fact we’re so fond of it, we’ve over taken our female counterparts in terms of overall online shopping spend. Much of what we buy is our dedication to brands we like, a replenishment order you could say, a few different colours, and perhaps a little experiment with patterns and textures. But what about purchasing the big stuff; you know, the cocktail suit, the tux or the casual suit?

It’s taken a couple of Aussie Blokes, James Wakefield and Robin McGowan, to come up with an idea that has a lot of people talking. But since their start up in 2011, they’ve made over 65,000 orders world-wide. Not bad hey? And since it’s doing so well, they’ve expanded into the UK with the help of entrepreneurs, Matthew Hinkley and Elliot Suiter.

The biggest issue MenStylePower readers keep telling us is; Where do I get my clothing tailored as I am too rotund around the middle? I’m really short, what attire will suit me? I’m super tall, where can I get a pair of jeans that give me that length without paying too much?

Well, ahem, I’m feeling the solution is here.

If you’re concerned about sizing, the site has very detailed instructions, including YouTube videos, on how to either measure up a garment you have that already fits perfectly or how to measure yourself (possibly with a friends help for the tricky bits). In all, there are up to 14 different measurements you can take to ensure a perfect fit.

If you’re not confidant of getting that right, you can post your well-fitted item of clothing to InStitchu and they’ll do the measurements for you. Or if you’re in Sydney, you can book in for an individual fitting at a showroom in Wynyard (which will set you back AU$30), or for groups of three or more (such as a wedding party), Institchu will come to you and do the fitting. According to the website, this is a Sydney-only service, but it notes that “requests outside of Sydney and interstate will be considered”. Finally, you can actually print off the InStitchu measurement form and take it to a tailor of your choice — assuming you know a tailor who’s willing to measure you up for someone else’s service.

Institchu pants

Now to the International service.

The deal came about because Hinkley and Suiter had been planning to launch a similar business in the UK when they came across InStitchu. Rather than replicate the business and compete with it, they proposed a partnership. So over a beer and three months of negotiation, InStitchu was well, er stitched up.

“We were able to structure a really good deal, so they’re the co-founders of InStitchu UK and have equity in that business,” Wakefield told BRW. “They’ll be running the business in line with InStitchu’s broader corporate image and marketing, really just replicating everything we’re doing here – but in the UK where the market is three times bigger.”

Great suits for a fraction of the price with little effort on your behalf. Life’s too short to wear an Ill-Fitted Suit – say we! Here here.

Institchu shirt


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