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STYLE ICON: Johnny Depp

He’s played a cop, a pirate, a twisted barber, an asexual chocolatier, a debauched Earl, a Mad Hatter and an overconfident bank robber in Public Enemies, where he brings 1930s gangster and fugitive John Dillinger back to life. Warped, witty, worldly, and more than ever … enigmatic..

He doesn’t like to be tagged as quirky or as a rebel yet Johnny Depp has come to signify a distinct style, from his top of his knitted berets to the tips of his scruffy army boots.

He is the ultimate definition of being “his own man”, he’s the master of intrigue and  the ultimate purveyor of old world charm, who just manages to woo everyone his own brand of sex appeal; a chemistry that’s stirred up when a man is comfortable with himself and who he is.

His friends describe him as having a depth of character and a genuinely, open, compassionate bearing and he’s said to  have an insatiable curiosity about everything and the personalities he plays are his own special mix of riotous imagination and off world whimsy.

There’s definitely something terribly manly, old fashioned and old world about Johnny. I can imagine him in days gone by, as a knight; fighting wars, slaying dragons and rescuing damsels. Yet there’s an even wilder streak in him. I also sense unbridled adventure and a thirst for the high seas, which is why I think he played John Sparrow so well; he was believable as the rakish, offbeat pirate with not a care in the world. Interestingly John Sparrow’s inner journey centered on his struggle with what it takes to be a moral person.

Johnny Depp’s characters, are somewhat drawn to justice (albeit a warped sort), loyalty, courage and nobility and whether this is true or not in his own life, they symbolise a return to good old fashioned codes of male conduct – unbridled wildness mixed in with a code of chivalry and a realisation that seeking to be a man of great character and respect is a never ending goal and that although all your goals may not be reached in this lifetime the quality of striving towards them ennobles the male spirit.

Deeply committed to honoring the characters he plays, especially those who actually lived, like Sir J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland, and the iconic Dillinger, Depp says “There’s a certain responsibility playing a guy, even Dillinger. You want to do him right, ya know. You don’t want to let him down. He may be watching. So I don’t want to water down the integrity of the person I’m playing. I want to find its essence.”*

When it comes to his signature style, Depp is the ultimate fashion rebel –  a fedora, tousled locks, vintage suits, a distinctive devil may care ‘tude, waistcoats & tatts!He loves his ripped jeans, his scarves, his preppy spec frames and his ‘tache. We love his style.

His mystique intrigues, so much so People Magazine gave him their Sexiest Man Alive‘ 2009 Award, for the second time, joining Clooney and Pitt as the only dudes to have been so honoured twice.

Here at MenStylePower, we like Johnny’s search for integrity and we love his clothes sense. From culture to culture and throughout history, men have upheld versions of justice, defense, and we believe these intangible virtues should be strongly encouraged and woven into every truly stylish man’s DNA.

*Excerpts from Douglas Brinkley’s portrait on Johnny Depp, ‘Johnny Depp’s Great Escape’, Vanity Fair July 2009.


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