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Sport & Style from Sweden


It’s not often you come across a ‘sportswear’ label that has successfully infiltrated the men’s ‘fashion’ world. When we say that, we mean they have dominated two categories in the garment business. You’d sit and ponder wouldn’t you, to whom it would be to achieve this.

Would it be the German’s – with their attention to detail & magnificient engineering? The Italian’s – with their undoubtable skill in tailoring? The American’s with the likes of Nike who are cross-pollinating with uber-cool streetwear collections? Or would it be an inconspicuous label from Sweden?

J.Lindeberg, the Scandinavian seducers from Sweden are truly inspiring with their collection initially being progressive golf and ski wear. With all the noise in the sportwear industry, especially around activewear and Sports luxe, this magical line of tailored sportswear and suiting seems to just sit back and watch life go by, with a big smile on its face.

And what does J.Lindeberg stand for? Elegant but not traditional. Bohemian but not snobbish. Arty but not intellectual. Youthful but not young. So as you scroll through the pages of – keep in mind that smile, that sits on the face of the brand as it watches the world go buy, probably with a cigar in hand. Maybe a whiskey. We like it!



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