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Smartphones, Sushi and SneakerBoy; This is the new Normal.

givenchy camo skate

Would you have ever thought yourself lusting over cold, raw fish? I mean come on. Men eat their meat WELL DONE!

None of this nonsense of raw fish, sushi, sushimi, delicate caviar, eel, tender soft shell crab…..actually my mouth is watering.

And what about smartphones? And the rivalry between Apple and the now ever cheeky Samsung who are ripping the big leader off left, right and Siri, and not being bought into account?

Now is the sneaker the new brogue, as active wear is the new denim? Apparently it is. Even Chanel – our most recognized and famous luxury brand had all their models walk down the Paris Fashion Week runway in sneakers this year….almost melting the pavement in blasphemy.

But what say you about traditional demographic segments which are becoming ever useless.

Fuelled by growing choice and freedom by customers, and let’s not forget also the emotion of promiscuity, the consumers are ever more diverse and unpredictable. And they like it. Meanwhile, a global culture sees men from 9 – 90, from Chicago to Bangkok, lust after the same smartphones, eat the same sushi, and wear the same sneaker brands. So perhaps this is why Lanvin has released its own men’s athletic shoe line?

We don’t live in demographic silos anymore. We live in the digital world!

Pass me the soy sauce.

common projects white camo

common projects white camo

pierre hardy patent trainers

pierre hardy patent trainers

pierre hardy low trainer

pierre hardy low trainer


givenchy high top camo

boris-bidjan=saberi x reebok

boris bidjan saberi x reebok

boris bidjan saberi

boris bidjan saberi


rick owen

raf x adidas

raf simons x adidas


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