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Shamballa, Jay-Z and the Black Diamonds


If Jay-Z and Karl Lagerfeld are wearing these bracelets, then boy are these jewels something to talk about! Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist and photographer based in Paris. He is the head designer and creative director for the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi, in addition to having his own label fashion house. And Jay-Z, well he’s just married to the hottest woman on the planet!

jay-z-gotham mag -shamballa

But we’re here to talk about Shamballa.

Shamballa Jewels has only been around for the past 12 years and was founded by the brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup in Copenhagen, Denmark. They make precious jewellery that encourages the possibility of connecting to one’s inner compassion and wisdom.

A recent interview with Mads Kornerup, one of the founding brothers of Shamballa say him give exceptional advice on how to wear jewellery.

How can I wear jewels with a casual outfit?

For a less formal outfit, wear refined but casual jewellery. Something that looks ancient, vintage or used…like it has been touched by life, been places and served the wearer well.

How can you pull off a medallion?

Anyone can wear a medallion. The real trick is to wear it with confidence and without feeling too conscious. Simply wear it inside your shirt and putt it out once in a while to show it off.

Should one go for jewellery that complements their clothes?

No. choose jewellery that makes you feel good and complements your personality. Most good pieces of jewellery are a long-term investment.

Can a man wear stones?

Yes definitely. It can signal masculine power to wear big stones or even raw diamonds like men did in the olden days.

How many rings is too many?

I prefer one on each hand for daily wear and if there is an event, add one with a large carat stone.

Above: MODE magazine October 2013. Bracelets with peach moonstones, 18k rose fold, emeralds and black diamonds. Necklace with 18k rose gold and ebony.

Above: Bespoke Magazine October 2013 6mm Shamballa bracelet and Lock bracelet with black diamonds and 18k plated white gold.

Mads Kornerup designed what is known today as the iconic Shamballa Bracelet (Seen on Jay-Z and many other celebrities). The bracelet comprises of diamond studded gold beads strung together by the ancient macramé technique. Together the brothers developed the bracelet designs further, and they have since expanded their repertoire to include rings, earrings, cufflinks and necklaces. Today, the spirit of Shamballa Jewels remains equally fuelled by innovation and tradition.

Star rap musician Jay Z was the first to custom order a Shamballa Bracelet. Today, Karl Lagerfeld, HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, Carine Roitfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Von Furstenberg and Giorgio Armani amongst the discerning collectors of the jewellery.

For more information visit: Fairfax and Roberts

Established in 1858 and the pioneer of Fine Jewellery in Sydney, Fairfax & Roberts is highly regarded for its commitment to excellence, unique product range and outstanding customer service. By including Shamballa Jewels’ to their portfolio of exclusive partnerships, Fairfax & Roberts is reaffirming their commitment to bringing customers the finest pieces and collections from around the world. ‘As Fairfax & Roberts and Shamballa Jewels share the same ethos of innovation and tradition within the realms of fine jewellery, we are pleased to have partnered together and now have the privilege of being not only Australia’s exclusive stockist, but the first and only stockist in the Southern Hemisphere of these incredible and beautiful products’. George Hanna – General Manager of Fairfax & Roberts.

Oh and here’s some tips on how to spoke a Fake and the Real Deal!

* Shamballa Jewels does not sell through online webshops. It only sells through authorised retailers and websites of authorised retailers such a Harrods, Collete, Montaige Market and Barneys. If you have bought your bracelet from an online webshop, it is probably fake.

* The starting price for a classic Shamballa bracelet is approx. 3920 Euros / 4630 USD. Anything below that price is fake.

* Shamballa Jewels, makers of the classic Shamballa bracelet use only precious metals such as 18K gold, diamonds and real gems. Bracelets using crystals and non-precious metals are fake.

* Signature lock with individual lock number: All Shamballa Jewels bracelets have a trademarked lock with the Star of Shamballa logo. Each lock has a unique number that is used to identify the bracelet.

* Service: The unique number on each Shamballa Jewels bracelet allows owners to avail of services which include restringing of the bracelet, possibility of changing the beads and colour of the cord over time.

* The Star of Shamballa- Shamballa Jewels’ trademarked logo is engraved on a bracelets lock. It bears a diamond at the center.

* Quality and finish: The gem encrusted pavé balls in authentic Shamballa Jewels bracelets are set very meticulously. They are set evenly, symmetrically, are smooth to touch and do not snag fabric or scratch surfaces. Fakes and copies often have a rough, uneven finish.

* The braiding on the macramé bracelets from Shamballa Jewels is uniform with no fibers sticking out.

* Shamballa Jewels bracelets are braided, polished and set by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bracelets produced elsewhere are fake.


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