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RYAN GOLLAN, Fashionisto and Philanthropist

Once you get past the immaculate dress code, perfect porcelain skin and Clark Kent mannerisms, you peer into the humble face of a young man whose mission is to bring awareness to some of our most pressing world issues.

Ryan Gollan, a fashionista and philanthropist, is not one to stay in any location for too long. Sophisticated and business savvy, he balances the scales between international flights, adorned in luxury garments, identifying the next artist to introduce to Australian galleries, providing funds to charity projects and raising awareness to causes that are humanity’s deepest concern.

MenStylePower interviewed Ryan on the concept of philanthropy and its perception among generation Y.

Ryan G

“People think Philanthropy is only for the wealthy, but this is such a myth. Today, it’s for anyone and everyone. To be able to give today, is so important because we are multicultural, we are seeing a common cause, and with the advancement of technology, we have the power to help others like never before.”

Ryan has a dynamic social media presence, where he jet sets between New York, China and Australasia. He laughs about eating at home on occasion, skyping with his Grandma and hosting some of the most influential individuals across these countries.

“In one’s life, we need to think of how we want to live, our lifestyle, dreams and desires, so we don’t have regrets in life. But equally as important, you need to make your existence meaningful. Your means and abilities must be tested to grow and also to leave something behind, and nothing is more gratifying and humbling than changing another persons’ life. Even if it is one person, ten, a thousand or even an entire community, we all have it within ourselves to be able to help others. I think that is the purpose of life”.

Ryan is the youngest philanthropist on the council within the Art Gallery of NSW representing in particular, Asian Art. He dedicates his life to education, philanthropy and is eager to motivate Gen-Y’s and millennial to participate in the philanthropic realm.

Ryan says it’s about the heart and what they can do and engaging the next generation within this agenda.

Ryan is involved in many different Art institutions, to name a few, The Art Gallery of NSW and the National Art School. His passions are in preserving Oceania, and wished for his birthday that people stopped using plastic bags, and I would assume plastic altogether. Let’s face it; crystal is far more pleasant to drink from.

Ryan interests are with @iceana, @plasticpollutes @plastictides

Ryan interests are with @iceana, @plasticpollutes @plastictides

This year, Susan Rockerfeller who dedicates her life to ocean conservation, cleaning up the planet and giving to the next generation, hosted Ryan in New York.

She inspires, teaches and empowers Ryan, through art and culture, where there is no language barrier or political or geographic parameters, and in this space, you can achieve so much. Ryan is a benefactor of the Art Gallery of NSW.

“The world needs more good people and energy. Do what you can, and if you don’t have the funds right now to invest in other people, use your engagement and your connections to your own circle of friends to raise awareness. This is just as impactful as the people who share the money.

Ryan at the @Dior exhibition

Ryan at the @Dior exhibition

Ryan speaks in deep meaningful tones across all of his outlets, and is often heard saying, “I believe that each individual’s life is made of many journeys. Likened to the inspirations and timeless stories of the legendary journeys past, life is a collection of many roads, each uniquely our very own, leading to the destination of our individual dreams, ambitions and life purposes. Life is that self discovery, and the simple joy of discovering something new in the everyday”.

ryan - rachel griffith

Ryan with Rachael Griffiths, awaiting the launch of her new movie “Ride like a Girl” – based on the true story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

Ryan Gollan 梓越

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