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Raw Jean-eous!

One of our team have just returned from an envious trip to the Big Apple, & barged into the office with a flurry of fashion-ology. Counting the various retails stores visited (on all of the teams fingers), they went on to discuss the importance and relevance of the numerous amount of jeans required to enhance a man’s wardrobe.

USA retailers know their business when it comes to making dudes look good. You have Zara, the Spanish retailer devastating high street malls all over the world with their cutting edge styles, larger sizes and attractive price points. Then there’s H&M who have a fast turnover of styles bringing in a rush of people who know the garments will either sell out or be shipped off the floor in a matter of breaths if you don’t get there fast like Buzz-LightYear. Not only is H&M cutting edge with their styles, they also have a RRP that is sooo off the clock, that most customers walk around the store with their jaws open.

Then there’s RAW, a line of jeans from G-Star, the brand that is known for its innovation and cutting edge denim designs since 1989.

Undoubtedly, pushing the boundaries & continuous experimentation with the product have lead to a strong following worldwide. The rough, rudimentary and raw characteristics of the brand allow G-STAR to maintain its distinct and unorthodox styles. Their description of the brand is so evident on the shop floor, that we would have to say they are one of the few brands that exude absolute authenticity through every touch point to the consumer.

The G-STAR brand is a style of all times. Futuristic and measured. Far-reaching and experimental. Alternative and traditional. G-STAR is about making eccentric combinations and maintaining authenticity. Never one to follow the crowd, their line RAW ripped its way through the mountains of retailers and brands out there and stood tall and proud when it came to being a category killer in denim.

In New York Fashion Week, RAW displayed a very sophisticated and bold runway show. Block colours of azure blue, yellows, sapphires and of course that distressed denim took the stage. Strong and opinionated yet terribly understated, RAW paraded engineering to be proud of with sweeping masculine lines & colourways that would make Picasso cry.

And G-Star’s superb engineering made BMW’s Z3 look like a two-stroke lawnmower. The masculine dark shaded accessories finished off the perfectly shaped denim like nothing else.

MenStylePower are thrilled to see such genius work. And Liv Tyler as their Ambassador!


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