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Nixon – the little stuff counts!

Nixon makes the little stuff better. The stuff you have that isn’t noticed first, but can’t be ignored. They pay attention to it. They argue about it. They work day and night to make the little stuff as good as it can be, so when you wear it, you feel like you’ve got a leg up on the rest of the world.

Nixon believe that you deserve a lot of respect. So, when you choose to wear a watch, or select a wallet to hold your hard earned cash, or want to put the final touch on your steez, you deserve to have something that reflects your entire package. You may not know how to say it, but you’ve got something to say. Dammit brothers and sisters, you can’t slap on an off-the-shelf piece and consider yourself you. Can you?

That’s why Nixon was born, and that’s why, twelve years later, they’re still here.

This is Nixon’s ‘About Us’ commentary on their website and we love it! They are passionate, determined and committed. How we should be really.

Nestled comfortably out of the way up against the pacific ocean in southern California, and tucked neatly next to the best surf in Europe, you’ll find Nixon people doing what they do best. What started as frustration at a lack of quality watches that simultaneously do the talking for you and deliver what you need in various high stress work and play environments has grown into a network of athletes, rock stars, retailers, and dedicated loyalists that bring Nixon products to market.

Some people look at professional skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders and mistakenly think they know what they’re looking at. Stereotyping can get you in trouble. Their skills are ridiculous, yes, but their experiences reach far beyond that handrail on the corner. Their actions are focused on perfecting their sports, but their interests and style are anything but focused. Their perspectives are unique, yes, but their needs are universal. It is Nixon’s job to reconcile the former with the latter. Nixon hand picks those riders that are leaders in their sports and works with this elite group to make sure their perspectives contribute to a single unified expression: team designed, custom built.

The Nixon Nomadic Headphones are your friend on the road. The Nixon Nomadic collapsible car cans make it a nice compact travel companion, while its 40 mm dynamic driver, patent pending ball and socket technology, durable nylon headphone, and customer moulded foam make it a perfect companion for those who like to take the show on the road. Also available with two way compatibility for use with the mobile! (See Nixon Nomadic White – super sexy!).

The parallels between Nixon launching products ten years ago and Nixon launching products now, is uncanny. They start with a blank piece of paper, commit to designing products that move a category forward, invest in custom manufacturing, wrap the whole thing in thoughtful packaging and display, and then back it all up with industry-leading marketing and sales support. Nixon are fully committed to making their Nixon Headphones great. Welcome to the sound of now.

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