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Nike x Balmain – The Perfect Victory

Winning in the fitness stakes is one thing, but if you’re wearing this; it would make it a whole lot sweeter.

First he awed us with his collaboration with H&M, then he has swooned us with his latest collaboration with NikeLab. Is there anything Olivier Rousteing can’t do.

You would have seen us discuss the incredible resistance of this young man in our previous articles. An orphan who at the tender age of 25 took over the helm at France’s oldest fashion house, Balmain. As he continues to inject a youthful opulence into this Luxury Maison, he’s also intelligent enough to capitalise on the globe’s most favoured sports game, soccer.

Rousteing, who has played soccer since he was a child, showed incredible enthusiasm in the project to which highlights form fitting garments in black and gold, the colours of victory and success in life. The pieces are nothing short of dramatic and aligns with the DNA that Balmain exude so well.

“Fashion is usually about the catwalk and the glamour, but with Nike it was about performance and the athletes,” said Rousteing.

“What I love about this collection is that we are integrating the iconic style of football into sport style.”

nike and balmain5

Jarrett Reynolds who is NikeLab’s Senior Apparel Design Director said that, “Olivier was obsessed with the complete look, making sure each piece worked together – not just within the men’s and women’s collections, but also between the two.”

What sets this latest NikeLab collection apart appears to be the finer attention to detail, according to NikeLab’s Senior Footwear Innovation Design Director Nate Jobe.

nike and balmain3

“Olivier is meticulous about the details, with a passion for finding clever ways to embellish existing structures.”

The NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau collection will be available from June 2 via the NikeLab site and selected NikeLab stores.



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