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New Kids on the Block: Design Label WT02

Don’t you love brand spanking new blood and talent?

I was checkin’ out Bruno Mars, B.o.B and Janelle Monae (Grammy Awards broadcast) and thinking how refreshing it to see young guys bring pure fun and fantastic talent to the mix; after all aren’t we’re tired of the dirty crumpin’, the Gaga gags and Rihanna’s way-too-much-skin antics? Go NKOTB! (except Bieber … got nothin’ against the kid ‘cept … he can’t sing to save himself …)

In line with NKOTB, there’s a fresh face and label in the world of men’s fashion. Going by the alias WT02, this newly launched menswear label is making its debut in the marketplace with a great campaign, methinks, and from first look, it seems to carry some heavy promise.

I kinda like the look and feel so far – it’s very street; not ghetto though, more SOHO … if that means anything. The style is up market yet economical/non fussy, x factor-ish yet down to earth, and oh-so-male. Think WT02, think clean silhouettes and functionality.

According to the label’s PR, WT02’s garments have an innovative approach to their fabric treatments, and the focus of their design is in utility inspired outerwear, tees, shirting and a range of slim fit denim and skinny pants.

WT02 has also wrangled fresh talent to be the face of their Fall/Winter 2011 campaign. Model Willy Monfret, whose visage fronts the WT02 gear on these three images, recently played the male lead in Nicki Minaj’s “Right Thru Me” video. No doubt, he looks good dude.

Monfret will appear in WT02’s official Fall/Winter campaign launching in July 2011.

For now, WT02 touts itself to as the home of today’s style-conscious man. The proof of course will be in the puddin’ – the fabrics, the longevity of the garments, design, functionality and of course the brand’s ability to live it up in this crazily competitive marketplace. For their effort so far, we give them 150% props and wish them well.

To get yourself kitted out in WT02, visit retailers Against All Odds, Dr. Jay’s, Villa and City Sports in the US. For more information and other global stockists, rock on to



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